The April meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words was small, but there was no shortage of good writing and great fellowship!



By now, you all should have received the email about the Johnson City Writer’s Event. In case you missed it, here is a web address with the information: As of today, I have signed up, Sheila Barnette and her husband have signed up, and Alice Kolb from our group. Two ladies who are on my writers email list, Paula Schuler and Rhonda Wiley Jones, have also signed up. Seating is limited, so drop Bambi Haley ( an email to reserve your seat. Linda Colie wants to attend and I’ll be happy to drive anybody else who wants a ride.

Sheila Barnette brought us the first installment of her father’s letters to her mom written while he served in World War II. The hardships, the love, the longing of his words are poignant and memorable. Having been a farmer all his life, Curly excelled at boot camp even though he was 36 years old, against men in their late teens and early 20s. Amazing! Thank you, Sheila, for sharing their story with us. And if anybody would like to read all of Wanza’s (Sheila’s mom’s) Diary entries, just let me know and I’ll get you a copy. We are passing a couple around the group.

Kathleen Maxwell brought two stories she plans to submit to Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul: “The Gift of Being,” and “An Unexpected Present,” both stories of how she  coped with the loss of her husband and how her life has changed. Thank you, Kathleen, for sharing your journey with us. They are both wonderful pieces!

Liz Brookshire writes a blog for the Gillespie County Historical Society ( and she brought one of her article about wedding dresses. I’m going to mark this blog as a favorite so I can keep up with Liz’s words and with the Historical Societie’s doings. Which by the way, in keeping with Founder’s Day on May 8th, at the Gil. Co. Historical building (the old church on San Antonio St.) at 2:00, an author will be speaking, Jeanine Briley Arhelger who after researching her family history for the last 16 years has written a book called Connecting the Dots: Breathe Life into Family History. That sounds interesting to me! I plan to attend and will send out a separate email with any further information.

(By the way – Liz and Kathleen made a fun connection – Kathleen used to teach gymnastics in Kerrville and Liz’s daughter, Ann, took lessons from her! It was fun for them to catch up with each other!)

Linda Colie, who makes our wonderful meeting room possible, brought us a story she is working on called “La Donna Leaf Blows Over.” La Donna, Cleo, Merle, and Mr. “pecs and bisceps” puzzle over the mysterious odor wafting from Mr. Yarnell’s apartment until they discover the source of the smell - poor Mr. Yarnell’s nine kimono dragons have managed to bite the hand that feeds (well, fed) them! What a tragedy! Makes you wonder what goes on in Linda’s apartment complex, doesn’t it? Linda says that starting this week, she will undergo rigorous physical therapy every day for a month in preparation to live alone in her own apartment again. If all goes well, Linda and her sister, Chris, will be moving to the Towne Park Apartments, 1125 S. Adams, across the street from the Primary school campus and next door to the Fbg. Nursing Home. The plan is for them to have apartments side by side. Since their parents already live in that apartment complex, this will be a real convenience for everybody. Linda assures me they have a great meeting room there and hopefully, we can use it for our meetings. I will keep everybody posted.

Sally Clark has been writing poems everyday for the 2010 April Poetry Challenge sponsored by Robert Lee Brewer ( Each day, Mr. Brewer provides a new writing prompt and each poet can write a poem from his inspiration. By May 5th, each poet can submit his top 5 poems for consideration in a chapbook. I brought the poems I had written for the first 17 days. This is really fun, I’ve enjoyed it immensely, and would encourage every poet to give it a try. It’s not too late!

Aimee Martin is coming regularly to our TWiG meetings on Tuesday. It’s so good to have her company and her words! J 

Also, Judy Koch, is coming on Tuesdays, too. Judy is on vacation for a few weeks but she enjoys our meetings, so I’m sure she’ll be back when she can. J

Alice Kolb is recuperating from her travels/seminars and will be back with us in May. J 

Congratulations to Barbara Loyd for placing a poem in Lit Magazine! J

Cindy Harper sent her regrets for not being able to attend the April meeting. L

Liz Eberle’s back has been giving her fits and she couldn’t make the meeting. L

Mary Eckert sends this news: “I attended the Hill Country Book Fair in Georgetown this past Saturday. It was great. Didn't sell many books but had a great time meeting and talking to other authors. I think there were around 40 plus there from all genres. But the greatest thing was that 6 of the authors were published through Tate publishing and I got to talk to them about their experience with Tate. They were all very pleased with the company. Also at least a third of the books represented at this affair were...Christian!!!!  Yoopie! One of the books from Tate was a Sci/Fi...with a Spiritual background. One was a Christian Mystery. God is alive and well and in literature!!! So I had a great time. Blessings to all....Mary”

Congratulations to Megan Willome for a poem being published in God in the Yard: Spiritual Practice for the Rest of Us! J Megan has also been coming to TWiG.

Rebecca McCright writes: “It pains me to again inform you of my absence from this stellar and inspirational group of women. I truly miss your company, your encouragement, and your amazing stories. I'm afraid that my writing even suffers from lack of attendance. I will be attending the elders meeting at my church tonight to discuss the teachers retreat, so if you have a minute, you might whisper a prayer for me--I'm a little more nervous than I would be if I was sharing my last written work with you. Enjoy yourselves! Rebecca”

Sheila Kale was, and still is, I think, sick with a cold/flu/allergy. Please get well, Sheila!! L

Our May birthday is Liz Brookshire on May 9th. 

Until then, blessings to all and whatever it is, write about it!!! Sally


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