The April, 2014 meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words was short and sweet.
At our March meeting, Barbara Loyd gave each one of us a postcard of a sculpture called “Wrappings” by Debra Fritts. She asked us each to write whatever we were inspired to write by looking at the postcard. Because Barbara wasn’t able to come to the April meeting, we decided to bring them next month and discuss them when Barbara was there.
Lynn Harris has copied a number of story prompts from Valerie Gamount’s collection, so she chose one of them for us to write to: “I was so proud of not crying the last time, so sure it was important...” We all took it a different direction and enjoyed sharing what we had written with the group.
Bobbi Grimmer was under some time constraints so she read first, the third story in her trilogy, “Wandering.” This story was called “Capital Life, Eternal Glory.” All three of these stories have been submitted for publication and Bobbi is waiting to hear about them. If they are not accepted, they will be somewhere. They are gripping, real and wonderful.
Lynn Harris says her current story has grown into a novel called Life With Lupe. The story is flowing out of her and she is having a ball writing it! This month she brought us a chapter called “In Mexico” where her main character and his family have traveled back to Mexico to visit his mother. It was a great chapter and I sincerely hope Emilio finds a way to take his mother back to the United States with him. She deserves better care than she is getting in Mexico. Thank you, Lynn!
Karen Vaneck ( ) didn’t have anything to read, but she talked to us for quite a while about the online memoir writing class that she took. I believe Barbara Loyd took this class, too. One of the important things she shared with us is that your memoirs should have a theme. I’d never considered that, but it makes a lot of sense and would make memoirs much more interesting and cohesive. I love when we can learn from one another. Thank you, Karen!
Sheila Kale ( ) was with us, too, but she had to leave early. More about that later.
Sylvia Rogers drove in from Kerrville to be with us and bring us her children’s story, “The Wishing Tree,” a delightful story of a tree who wishes that she “were not a tree at all,” but something else that could be closer to the family who lives in the house beneath her branches. I’m sorry we didn’t have enough time to completely critique this story for Sylvia, but the weather ended our meeting too soon.
One of the EMS men interrupted our meeting to tell us that Mason had just gotten 4” of rain and large size hail. He said we were welcome to stay and ride out the storm, but we might want to consider getting home, so we did. Sheila had been talking on her cell phone with her husband and she decided to leave early. The rest of us left right after talking to the EMS man and we were all gone by 7:20. At my house, we did get rain, but no hail. It was a scary storm, anyway, and we’re all a little gun shy after the last hail storm. I was sorry that I, Sally Clark, didn’t have time to read, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
News from the other WOWs:
Alice Kolb has been attending the Fredericksburg Writers Conference meetings at the University Center and she is posting on her blog again: Check it out!
Barbara Loyd ( )writes: We'll be in Rockwall. If anyne has a writing done in response to the art postcard, please keep them for me and maybe next month we can have a read-a-thon! That’s our plan.
Betty Murphy wanted to attend, but had a family funeral out of town.
Katy Jones ( ) has news: her children’s book, Stuck in the Muck, is the featured reader at Reading Reading Books. Read it at: Since Katy’s publisher, Cool Well Press, went out of business, Katy has been struggling to her two novels back on Amazon. She finally succeeded:
Return to Finian Jahndra:
Linda Colie had planned to come to WOW, but a neighbor warned her of the coming storm and Linda decided to stay home. It was a wise decision because Linda does not move quickly and is difficult to get her in and out of the car when it’s raining.
Liz Eberle has new blog posts at her site:
Megan Willome ( ) has been coming to TWiG and so has Pam Perrin.
Valerie Gaumont ( ) emailed: I'm fighting a deadline and won't be able to make it tonight....thanks and sorry to miss the fun.
Vici Wray says: Not going to be able to make it tonight - we have been enjoying poor health at our home this last week and still not feeling too perky. I look forward to seeing everyone next time. 
We will have one birthday between now and then – Liz Brookshire on May 9th.
Remember you can always check for the list of current submission deadlines.
Keep writing!!
Love, Sally

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