I know you’re tired of excuses, but here’s one more – I’ve been sick. Nothing terminal, just exhausting, and I’ve put off the newsletter to try to keep things running here at home. And please forgive my somewhat leaky memory. If I get some facts wrong or forget someone or something, please email and let me know.

Here, finally, is the April newsletter for the Hill Country Women of Words.

We had a great group this month! So many brought things to read, we decided we’d better skip the writing prompt because it might run us too short on time.

We had a surprise – past WOW member Janet Whitehead was in town visiting and she ran into Sheila Kale, who invited her to our meeting. Janet read us an article she wrote called “Cross Firing in Education.” Very interesting. Janet is living in Houston now and working towards starting her own private school. She even brought one of her students with her to the meeting, a young lady named Bianca who is also a writer. Bianca read a short piece about a trip she took recently with her family to New York City. We wish Janet the best of luck with her new school!

Barbara Loyd read us a wonderful article she has written on “Blue’s Properties.” She even printed it on blue paper! Barbara’s blog,  http://colorfilled.blogspot.com is filled with interesting articles about artists and color. Take a look and I will bet you learn something you didn’t know before.

Judith Rost brought Chapters 9 and 10 of her murder-mystery novel. Judith does a great job with dialogue and the plot is beginning to thicken, as they say. I hope she will bring us more.

Linda Christensen brought a poem she called “Grateful.” It was a very timely poem for Easter and the blessings we all have in our lives. We are truly privileged to live in this country and in this century. Thank you, Linda.

Lynn Harris brought her grandson, Daryl, with her. Daryl is 5 years old and very well behaved! We hardly even knew he was there. Lynn read us a short story she is working on, a romance, that I have forgotten the name of, but we all enjoyed it very much.

Mary Eckert brought us a poem called “He Handed Me Roses.” Again, a timely poem for the Easter season; a reminder that “nothing grows without the rain.” Mary does a wonderful job with rhyming verses.  

Paula Bramlett brought a start on a fairy tale she called, “The Kingdom of Dust.” I’m so glad some of our members are branching out into fairy tales. Imagine a land without color . . . how will it change? Paula also brought a litany she wrote for a priest and close friend of hers who died recently, Father Everett. It touched many of us and gave us peace.

Sheila Kale brought a poem she titled, “Comforts.” Easter seems to have inspired many members to write poems this month. Sheila’s poem was a moving illustration of contrition. Sheila is also still writing haiku (I’m so glad!) and she brought six of them to share with us.

Shelley Burkhalter brought us her story, “A Little Righteousness, A Little Sin.” What a fun title. Peg and Kay are manning a table at the St. Martin’s Episcopal Church garage sale and their conversation is a hoot! We certainly hope to hear more of this story.

Sally Clark brought a flash fiction, “I Can Never Move,” three poems, “Windmills,” “I Miss Winter,” “How to Make it Rain,” and one haibun, “The Dairy Queen.” Thanks to everybody for your help in critiquing these pieces. I hope to submit them soon.

I was so heartened to see so many at the April meeting! Thank you!!! Our next meeting will be soon --

See you all on Tuesday!


Love, Sally

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