In an effort to make writing the Hill Country Women of Words newsletter easier for me, I’m trying out this somewhat abbreviated format.
Barbara Loyd brought us an edited version of her poem, “The Plein-Air Painter.” For those of you who don’t know it (like me), “plein” is French for “plain” and refers to artists who paint in the fresh air. My favorite line is “. . . perhaps only God, birds-a-wing, or saints see . . .” Lovely and educational to us non-painterly types.
Sally Clark brought Chapter Ten from her novella, The Art of Christmas. One more chapter to go on this shortie. Thank you so much for all your edits!
Linda Christensen brought Chapter Thirteen, “New Help for Carrie.” Carrie’s sons convince her to try medical marijuana and it helps to make her life easier. Collin and Carrie buy a lake house for their family to enjoy.  
Judith Rost brought Chapter Twenty-Seven of her murder-mystery novel. Steph is working alone in the office late one night. She’s locked her office door, but will that be enough to stop whoever might be trying to hurt her?
Sheila Kale and Shelley Burkhalter were both with us, too, but didn’t bring anything to read.
Don’t forget to come to TWiG if you can’t make it to WOW, every Tuesday, same time, same place.
Keep writing,
Love, Sally

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