In April, the Hill Country Women of Words met in our new location, South Church, 103 Industrial Loop, Suite 100, here in Fredericksburg. This will be the new location of our TWiG meetings, also, on the other Tuesdays of each month. Thank you, Bobbi, for arranging this for us. 

Sally Clark started us off with information about a book she recommends, Formatting and Submitting Your Manuscript, published by Writer’s Digest Books. I have a older copy. There are newer versions on the market. Everyone who is actively submitting articles, stories, novels, greeting cards, poetry, children’s books, or screenplays should have one of these. It tells in simple form how to style your cover letter, query, or proposal to a publisher. 

We also discussed the writers conference coming up in Kerrville, TX, at Schreiner University on April 11th, the upcoming Fredericksburg Writers Conference meeting at Hondo’s at 5:30 on April 17th, and the Texas Writes Event at the Spicewood Community Library on April 28th. You will receive emails about all these events. 

Sally also shared the email she received from GRAND Magazine in response to her submission, in which they said, “...our magazine editorial is overflowing at this time, but if you can ship us a couple copies to the address below for a reader giveaway, I’m sure we can post to our website, to a weekly newsletter, and a social media share.” I felt that was good news. 

Judith Rost brought us a query letter for her book, Secrets in the High Rise, she wrote to submit to Hallmark Publishers. She hopes her book might be picked up for a Hallmark made-for-tv movie and maybe even the other two books in her series. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Say a prayer for success for Judith! 

Paula Bramlett is active at the Mom Center here in Fbg. They are planning a silent auction of over 20 Venetian masks, all hand-painted and donated by local artists and the Heritage School art class. These beautiful masks will be on display April 11 to May 4 at Gallery 330 on Main St. Paula wrote a few lines to tell the story behind each mask. Her words are deep, insightful, and moving. Go by Gallery 330, check out the masks, and make a bid. 

Sheila Kale brought us a fun exercise – This is the 6-step Pixar Story Map they use for each of their movies:

 (1)  Once upon a time, there was a ________________

           (2)  Everyday _____________ happens.

           (3)  One day, _________________.

           (4)  Because of that ______________.

           (5)  and because of that, ______________.

           (6)  until finally, _________________.

 Try using this formula for one of your stories or see if one of your old stories fits the pattern. Pixar has been hugely successful, so this must be good advice and a fun exercise. Also, Sheila is having knee replacement surgery on April 17th. Pray for her!

 Lynn Harris read us some of her story about Esperanza, who has an estate sale business. Esperanza buys estates and sells the most useful item to various resale businesses in the local community. Thanks, Lynn, for keeping this story going.

 Bobbi Grimmer read more of her Mom-oirs. Her son Seth has been born. When he was a year old, she became pregnant with her daughter, Sara. When Sara was a year old, she became pregnant with her second son, Issac. Three tiny little children and a move to Blanco, then to Fredericksburg for her husband Jack to cook at Pardi’s Restaurant. That’s sure a lot to keep up with! Thank you, Bobbi, for sharing your life story with us. 

Barbara Loyd brought us a memoir story called “A Pretty Possum” that was fun to read. Barbara is planning to attend the Writers Conference in Kerrville tomorrow, April 11. I hope she will take notes and share information with us next week.

Connie Arlitt, Andrea Culpepper, and Shelley Burkhalter were also with us, but didn’t have anything to read.

Linda Christensen was planning to attend, but emailed at the last minute to say she had been to physical therapy that morning and was wiped out. She’ll see us next week. 

Valerie Gaumont emailed:Things are going really well here.  Baird loves the job and I am still writing.  Haven't found a steady group yet, but fingers crossed, I'm going to a potential one next week.  I'm currently working on (of all things) a general fiction novel. I know, gasps abound.  Not a wizard or spell, or alien in sight! The world has clearly gone mad. Mad I say. But other wise things are good.”  

Vici Wray emailed: “I'm planning on stepping away from the leadership of our Sewing Ministry starting this summer so that I can tie myself to the computer and finish my book.  So I will be returning to WOW for all the good fellowship and critiques.  Please pray that someone in our church will step up and take over the sewing. Love to all and hope to see you at WOW in a couple of months!” 

Lesley Boyer emailed: “My flash non-fiction, “The Winner,” was rejected by St. Katherine Review. “Pretty Things,” the first person narrative I submitted to the American Journal of Nursing, made it through the first two editors and is currently being reviewed by the reviewers.” 

Got word via Bobbi Grimmer Judy Lightfoot has moved to Oklahoma to be closer to her children. 

Our condolences go out to Alice Kolb on the death of her husband, George.  

Join us for TWiG any Tuesday at South Church, in the same meeting room, at the same time. 

Hugs to all, 


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