The Hill Country Women of Words stayed cool for their August meeting in the EMS Building. Whew! Temperatures are way off the charts for hot this summer!


We had a guest this meeting and a new member, we hope – Glenda Thompson. Glenda works at RED, downtown, in the old Crenwelge Motors building. Her husband is a policeman and they live west of town between Harper and Loudon Rd. (Glenda, correct me if I’m wrong about any of these details, please!) She writes and has published travel articles and photography and flash fiction but she really loves to write murder mysteries. Welcome, Glenda! We can’t wait to hear your stories!!


After a 10-minute writing exercise from page 117 of Room to Write, Sheila Kale gave us a short presentation about a writing avenue she is currently exploring: content writing. At a web site called Text Brokers,, Sheila dove right in and submitted her work. She has written two 500-word or less articles for different web sites and been compensated for her work. The pay is minimal but Sheila says she’s getting paid to learn her craft – writing tight and quick. She only has 24 hours to complete an assignment, when she accepts it, so she is learning to focus and get it done. Take a look at the sight and see if this might be a fit for you!


Sheila brought us one of the article she has written, “IRS Notice of Levy,” and an introduction to a new blog she is planning: “Who is God?” Speaking of blogs, Sheila has two new blogs:, a blog to feature her speaking topics, and planted full of her garden musings and photography. Watch your emails for more news on her “Who is God?” blog. I’ll keep everybody posted! Sheila has been coming to TWiG, too.


Sheri Pattillo brought us three wonderful poems, a minute poem, a Christian poem, and a pantoum. I’m sorry – I don’t remember the names of these wonderful poems because Cindy Harper wanted to read them at TWiG (after I read them aloud) and she must have kept them. Everybody enjoyed them again on Tuesday, Sheri. I’m so glad I had them to share. Sheri has been coming to TWiG, too, every other week.  


Vickie Wray is a new member but she’s been coming to TWiG for a month, so she feels like a familiar friend by now. Vickie has retired from the IRS (but she’s really, really nice!) and is launching a new adventure into writing with a book called Adventures at Camp Grandma – A Show How Book. For years, Vickie kept her four grandchildren for a couple of weeks during the summer and used that time to bond with them by creating and performing plays for their parents at the end of their Camp Grandma stay. More importantly, it was an opportunity for Vickie to share the Gospel with her grandchildren and through them, her adult children. Vickie has been working hard on a query letter for her project and I think she has aced it! Good luck, Vickie!


Kim Easley was with us and brought Chapter Two of her children’s chapter book, Harrison Hawkins and the Hilltop Hounds. What a great story! Abilene and Chloe, the two dog protagonists, really come to life and I believe will be a good influence on their summer visitor, Harrison Hawkins. Please bring us more, Kim!


Linda Colie had a story on her laptop, which she brought along, but the battery ran out before she could finish reading it to us. This story is based on her Diabolical Shampoo story but she said she had changed everything and now the tone is more ominous than funny. Now the lead characters are Fawn and her mother, Ariel. I hope she brings the rest of it next month. Linda’s stories are always amazing!


Sally Clark brought five poems, “Burning Daylight,” “Grandmother Dove,” “White Picket Fence,” “Passing the Peace,” and “drought.” I also read something I’ve been toying around with, my own eulogy. Really, it sounds morbid, but it wasn’t at all. Try it – what do you want people to remember about you most?


News from other WOW members:


Alice Kolb emailed her regrets for missing the meeting. “I have to miss tonight. I'm very involved in daughter's move. Hopefully, I'll get "my life back" after September. Have a great evening.” Alice is posting on her blog: so keep up with her there. 


Cindy Harper forgot the meeting! We missed you, Cindy!


If you haven’t checked Dena Dyer’s blog lately, be sure and read her blog post of July 31, 2011: “5 Book Publishing Myths – Debunked!” Words of wisdom for us all!


Kathleen Maxwell emailed that she couldn’t make it because she has started a new job. I don’t know what or where but until I hear back from her, I’ll keep checking her blog: for her latest news.


Sheila and I had a real treat last week – lunch with Katy Jones at Rather Sweet! We had the best time with her! Katy’s dad is very ill and hospice has been called in. Katy is the closest child to help her parents. As difficult as this time is, Katy has found comfort in writing a new novel that is simply “flowing out of her.” She also gave me a complete copy of her children’s chapter book, Leandra’s Enchanted Flute, and when I finish reading it, I will share it with anybody who wants to read it. We miss you, Katy, but we’re so glad we had time for this visit!


Laura Lightner, in Kerrville, wrote to me: I am working on reselling the Native American Series, and right now working on getting an agent. I am sending to Curtis Brown, so please do pray for me. It is time to sell! I am also culling through a lifetime of old boxes of writing to get the good stuff out and do something with it! That sure keeps me busy, I am a packrat on writing! Many blessings to you, and the group!!


Liz Brookshire was out of town the night of our meeting, babysitting her grandchildren in Tomball so her daughter Casey, a teacher, could get her classroom ready for the start of school. Liz writes: One of these days things will slow down and I am looking forward to having time to think and write again.” We’ll look forward to it, Lizzie!


Mary Eckert had planned to come and bring a friend but unexpected company showed up at her house and she has hurt her back, too, and couldn’t drive anyway. Hope you get well soon, Mary!


Megan Willome left Monday for a trip to Colorado with her daughter J.J. Megan comes to TWiG on Tuesdays.


Pam Perrin wrote: “I will miss tonight. It's the first day of school so we are a bit crazy here! Have fun!” I remember what that was like! Pam has been coming to TWiG, too.


We will have two birthdays before the next meeting: Dorothy Leyendecker (in FL) on Aug. 23 and Alice Kolb on Sept. 14.


Don’t forget that you can always check deadlines at or magazines and journals that take submissions all the time at


Stay inside and stay cool! And keep writing! Love, Sally

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