The Hill Country Women of Words August meeting was filled will laughter, learning, and encouragement. We had a great time!  

Valerie Gaumont had a writing exercise that so much fun!! Our assignment was to complete this sentence: “I’m trying to be reasonable with you, girl...” We wrote for 15 minutes, then we each read what we had written. It’s amazing how each one of us took that sentence in a different direction and how very well we all did with it. Sorry if you missed it!


Valerie also presented a short program of the talk she did at the Johnson City workshop on August 4th at the Johnson City library. Valerie’s talk was titled: I’ve Got an Idea – Now What? and focused on fiction writing. She had wonderful handouts, a character profile worksheet, a location worksheet, basic structure, and a list of useful websites. I have attached a copy of each of these sheets to this email. Take time to read through them, print them out and use them. I’ve never seen such in-depth character and location worksheets before. Her useful websites include location information (to see city streets and grids, population, etc.), health and drugs (various drugs and their side effects), and character information (personality tests she fills in for her characters). This is a very valuable tool for your writing. Thank you, Valerie, for sharing it all with us.


Valerie also said Maggie Goodman, the Johnson City librarian reported she had some very positive feedback about the workshop, some people reporting it was the most informative writer's workshop they have ever attended, and she hopes to have more in the future. I continue to be impressed with all the JC library does to facilitate and encourage writers!


Sheri Pattillo brought two poems to share with us: “Breathtaking,” and “Fleeting Thoughts,” both wonderful glimpses into Sheri’s past and both very romantic. Sheri comes to the Tuesday Writers inspiration Group on Tuesdays but she should write some romance stories!


Vickie Wray brought us a short play called “Boston Legal Interview,” one of the plays from her Adventures at Camp Grandma book. Vickie had scripts for each of us and I think everybody had a part. It was fun to add accents and energy to Vickie’s words. We had a hoot doing it! Thank you, Vickie!


Valerie Gaumont brought Chapter Four from her book, Shadows on the Wall. We are all so enthralled with this book. This fast-paced book moves fast and Valerie leaves us hanging at the end of every chapter. I can’t wait for the next one. We’re gonna have to have more than one chapter a month, though, or the book will be out in print before we finish it! Thank you, Valerie, for sharing this with us!


Linda Colie came and wrote for the exercise but she didn’t have anything to share with the group. Linda is still working on the illustrations for her friend’s book, Tails of the Hill Country, and she said that is coming along very well. 


Sheila Kale was there and wrote for the exercise (Sheila is another one who should be writing romance!!) but she didn’t have anything to share either. Sheila did describe to us the new online marketing class she just started that day. The course is tailored to Sheila marketing herself as a life coach but many of the components she is learning will carry over into marketing writing, I believe, and Sheila will share as much as she can with us along the way. I’m so glad one of us is doing this – marketing is my least favorite part of writing.


Betty Mucha wrote for the exercise but she didn’t bring anything to share with the group. Betty did report that the Johnson City writers group will continue to meet on the first Tuesday of every month at 9:30 in the morning. There was one night meeting last month to see if there was any interest in an evening meeting but the decision was to move back to days. And I think it was Betty who brought those wonderful fudgie brownies! If it was, thank you, Betty!!! They were delicious.


Sally Clark brought poems: “St. Augustine Running Wild,” “Let Us Thank Him for Our Food,” “An Honest Living,” “What if Animals Could Tell Their Stories,” “Mother Robin,” and “Offensive Tackle.” I also spoke at the Johnson City Library Writers Workshop on August 4th and enjoyed it. Although speaking is truly not my gift, Valerie helped to get me through it.


News from the other WOWs is:


Dena Dyer, living in Granbury, TX, is now home schooling her two boys two days a week and they are in a co-op for three days a week. This is a big step for Dena and a bigger challenge than I could face! Our prayers are with you, Dena.


Ginny Bain says: So sorry I can't make it tonight. Just getting back from LA. Hope to make it next time.” Ginny and Jerry were making a trip to Alaska and I guess they flew through LA? I can't wait to hear all about it. 


Katy Jones emailed: I wish I could join you tonight. I miss the WOW ladies.” We miss you, too, Katy. Maybe you can ride over with Sheri Pattillo sometime?


Liz Eberle hates missing our meetings but it is “because I am totally exhausted due to lack of sleep due to restless leg activity. I’m a walking zombie right now. Hoping it will abate soon....I do miss the WOWs.” We miss you, too, Liz, and will pray for relief and sleep for you.


Megan Willome writes: “I know I won't be at this one. It's Meet the Billies night, and Scott will be introduced for cross country, and J.J. will be playing (in the band).” I could hear the band playing when I took Linda home after the meeting. Hard to believe it’s that time of year again already. Megan comes to TWiG on Tuesdays.


Pam Perrin says: “I'll probably miss WOW since its the first day of school for us. Can't wait to get back in the swing of things but I am not looking forward to waking up early. At least my house will be cleaner with the kids gone all day!” Pam’s kids go to St. Mary’s and they started school a week before public school, on the 20th. Pam comes to TWiG on Tuesdays.


We have three birthdays coming up: Dorothy Leyendecker on August 23

                                                     Alice Kolb on September 14

                                                     Ginny Bain on September 16


Until then, whatever it is, write about it!


Love, Sally

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