The Hill Country Women of Words celebrated their Christmas meeting in the warm, sparkling surroundings of Liz Eberle’s home. Stockings were hung, trees were tinseled and decorated, the firelight was dancing, and our gracious hostess made everyone feel welcome! Thank you, Liz, for sharing your Merry Christmas home and love!!!


Liz Eberle gave the program: “Horton Heard a Who, Not a That!” A delightfully entertaining lesson on using “who” whenever you are referring to a person instead of “that.” As in: “The man who got into the car….” instead of “The man that got into the car…” Get it? It is a lesson that we will all remember, thanks to Liz’s entertaining performance. I had no idea Liz could act!!! What fun!! Also, Liz has started a new series on her blog,, reviewing 8 of her all-time favorite books. This week is Francine Rivers’ Christmas story, “The Shoe Box.” What a great idea! I should be reading more than I do. Thanks, Liz, for the encouragement!


Liz Brookshire brought us two poems. “Die Tuten” which means “the sack” in German, is Liz’s sweet memory of Christmas Eve’s spent in her family church, Holy Ghost Lutheran here in Fredericksburg. This poem would be perfect for The Fredericksburg Poems chapbook! “Christmas Possibilities” gave us a poignant view of Christmas excitement when “anything is possible on Christmas Eve.” Thank you, Liz!


Cindy Harper also brought two poems. “A Reasonable Defense” is about traveling through the Panhandle. Cindy hopes to submit it to the 2012 Texas Poetry Calendar and it should certainly be accepted, I think. “Poem for Deb” was inspired by the untimely death of a friend’s son and would be wonderful submitted as a sympathy card – I suggest she try DaySpring Cards. Thank you, Cindy!


Linda Colie did not bring anything to read but she wrote through the whole meeting. Maybe next time we can entice her to share her words with us!


Mary Eckert brought a guest with her, Eileen from Mason (by way of Cape Cod). We enjoyed meeting Eileen and hope she will return someday! We always need fresh ears to hear our works and new suggestions to improve it! Thank you, Eileen! Mary also read Chapters 2 and 3 of a book she is working on called Wounded Sisters.  Her characters of Millie, Dot, and Father Raphael really drew us in and left us wondering what in the world will happen next? Mary has also had several book signings for Where Was God When I Cried in Mason, Brady, and Austin. She says sales of the book are going well.


Sheila Kale has had several speaking engagement. We normally don’t get to hear Sheila’s talks because they are about 15-30 minutes long but we had some extra time this meeting, so we got to hear one of her speeches, a Christmas talk called, “Questions.” Sheila has given this talk at the 1st Baptist ladies Second Wind exercise class and at a Christmas tea hosted by the Evangelical Free Church. She plans to give the talk again this Sunday to her parents Sunday school class.


Sally Clark read a story that she brought this same time last year called “The Second Christmas.” I hope to submit this fiction short story somewhere in the coming year for publication and really appreciate all the help and suggestions from everybody! It was a fun story to write. We had a bit of a discussion regarding one of the sentences in my story: “…she put bread slices in the toaster.” Should it be “in” or should it be “into?” I googled “in or into” and on the first web site ( ), I found this advice:  Be careful to distinguish the meaning of these two little prepositions and don't interchange them. Don't say "He went in the room" nor "My brother is into the navy." In denotes the place where a person or thing, whether at rest or in motion, is present; and into denotes entrance. "He went into the room;" "My brother is in the navy" are correct. So now I know that the sentence should read, “…she put bread slices into the toaster.” Here is another web site that I use online for simple common grammatical advice:

You might want to bookmark it for reference. There are a number of good writing articles there.


Lorraine McVey did not bring anything to read but she is making submissions right and left and I am so proud of her! You cannot get published if you don’t submit! Lorraine attended a Women of Faith conference and was invited by an editor to submit a first chapter of a children’s chapter book she has written. We would love to read it, Lorraine!


Around the world of WOWs: Alice Kolb writes: Looks like my writing is on back burner until holidays are over. I am overly committed to sewing for the grandkids, taking care of extended family, etc. --which means I also have to miss next Monday night. I am so disappointed. Next year when we change the calendar date I hope to have my calendar with me! Have a wonderful holiday. I'll miss all of you. See you in January.


On Dec. 11th, Barbara Loyd wrote:  I received word today that Patchwork Path: Treasure Box is now available. My piece, “Silk Quilt,” is included has more info. It is so confirming to receive that check!


Dena Dyer had a wonderful post on her blog, on Nov. 29, 2010, entitled, “Take Your Readers to Work Day.” You will enjoy seeing what Dena’s new job is all about and meeting her co-workers.


Kathleen Maxwell writes: I really do want to come but am out of town again.


Megan Willome’s son, Scott, had a basketball game and she  needed to be there.


Pam Perrin said: Unfortunately, I am under the weather and will miss tonight. Have fun and Merry Christmas to all!


A wonderful note from Rebecca McCright: I sure do miss coming to see you girls. Mostly I miss the fellowship and inspiration to write and write well. I miss writing. It's so busy here, and if I'm not already busy enough, I'm planning to start school next semester and work on my master’s degree. I hope to one day rejoin y'all, and I still enjoy getting the news. It's a poor substitute for face-to-face conversation, but it will have to do. Have a merry Christmas!!


Sheila Barnette had a previous commitment but hopes to be back in January.


We have two December birthdays: Kathleen Maxwell on December 17

                                                             Linda Colie on December 28


Circle Tuesday, February 8th, on your calendar for the annual Johnson City Writers Workshop! This one day event runs from about 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (last year’s schedule) and includes lunch. There will be 3 published authors to speak and lead 3 different workshops. The cost is $25. I’ll get you more details as soon as I have them.


Also watch for a new poetry class through Community Ed with Lianne Mercer starting on February 3rd. I will also pass that information along as soon as I get it.


To keep current with submission deadlines, go to:


My prayer for us all is to have a Blessed and Merry Christmas – to spread the good news that Christ is born – to celebrate with family and friends – and to WRITE ABOUT IT!!!!


Love, Sally

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