I apologize, ladies, for the tardiness of this newsletter. Christmas seems to have taken over my life these days!
Our December meeting was wonderful! We met at the home of Liz Eberle, our founding leader. Liz’s home is full of such warm memories of past WOW meetings...the laughter, the fellowship, the tears, the friendships formed and strengthened...I almost wanted to cry. Thank you, Lord, for all those sweet years when we met at Liz’s house. Thank you, Liz, for having us there, once again.
We decided on a writing topic for our exercise: “A Christmas Recipe.” It was wonderful fun. Some of wrote about actual recipes, some wrote about special memories of Christmas meals. We all enjoyed the exercise.
Barbara Loyd wrote her exercise piece about the light and dark fruitcakes her grandmothers used to bake. For us to read, Barbara brought “A Tumbleweed Adventure,” a short story that might possibly work into a picture or chapter book. Apparently, out in West Texas where the tumbleweeds grow, folks round ‘em up, spray paint ‘em white and stack ‘em up to make snowmen. What fun! I had no idea they did such things and I love it!
Karen Vanek brought us a poem called “Lonely and Lost,” a sweet, sad poem written in honor of her own mother who has recently moved from Houston, TX, to Sedona, AZ, to live near her daughter. Such a difficult step to have to take at the end of your life. Karen brought it all into a beautiful poem.
Sally Clark brought a query letter and a 500 word synopsis for her novella, The Art of Christmas. I also brought two critiques for the novella that were done by judges in the San Antonio Writers Guild annual contest. I didn’t win, but I did learn from the critiques and that was worth the entry fee. I keep moving forward with this project and it continues to entertain me.
Linda Colie wrote about one of her family’s Minnesota Christmas’, when her brother surprised them all by coming home from Florida, where he was stationed with the Army. Such a sweet memory. Thank you, Linda, for sharing it.
Bobbi Grimmer wrote about her delicious memories of date nut log, a family recipe for our exercise. Bobbi also brought us a memoir about a vacation her family took while living in Libya. They sailed through the Mediterranean sea on an 80 foot sailing boat to the island of Malta. It sounded like an idyllic vacation, especially for a child. Magical. Wonderful. Thank you, Bobbi, for sailing us away.
Megan Willome joined us early on, but her daughter J.J. had a basketball game at 6:30, so she had to leave before she could hear any of our stories. We missed her, but were glad she came when she could.
Liz Eberle didn’t write anything, but she out did herself with the table and the decorations. It was all so, so, very lovely!
Mary Eckert sent her regrets and wrote: Again, I will not be there. Sure been missing all of you.  Maybe with the New Year I can get my life back on track. Hopefully. Merry Christmas and Blessings to all the WOWs. Give my love to Liz. And you all have a great time sharing tonight.  Love Mary
Pam Perrin emailed: The kids have their band Christmas concert on Monday night so I won't be at WOW but I'm wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!
Sheri Pattillo said: Well, I won't be making it to WOW after all.  Please tell everyone hello and Merry Christmas!  (I'm doing a family dinner tonight - the first night in a month we can sit down and eat with Parker now that football and Madrigal Dinner is over.  Don't want to miss the opportunity since basketball is starting up now!)
Pam, Sheri, Megan, and Barbara have all been coming to TWiG. I am so glad!
Sheila Kale was in San Antonio with her husband, Steven, who had cataract surgery that day. They stayed in SA for the night. Sheila will be leaving on January 6th for a mission trip to Cambodia. She will return on Jan. 14th. Please add her to your prayer list.
Valerie Gaumont emailed: Hey sorry I can't make it tonight, I know it will be fabulous.  Happy holidays to all and I will see you all in the new year.  If you need a writing prompt for tonight I figured a Christmas one would be appropriate "Santa's blue eyes twinkled." have fun.  Val  Sorry that we didn’t use your prompt, Valerie. The one we chose was birthed out of our dinner conversation.
Vici Wray writes: Well phooey! Just got a call and we are expecting "unexpected" company this afternoon. I will try to make it but if I don't, please give Liz a big hug for me and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. And Christmas hugs to you, too. Love, Vici  ps: December needs to have more days in it!
We have one December birthday that I know of: Linda Colie on December 28th.
Please let me know if you have a December birthday that I might not know of or might have missed. I need all the help I can get remembering these days!
Write and enjoy these winter days. Breathe in the deep cold. Sleep sound through the long nights. Watch the sun rise out of the darkness. And let it snow!
Blessed Christmas to you all!
Love, Sally

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