As a busy wife, mom, author, and speaker, Dena Dyer adores her life - but there are days when she wants her own mommy! Thankfully, she has God, her mom, and a counselor on speed dial. Dena is the proud wife of Carey and mom of Jordan and Jackson. When Dena's not desperately trying to find her keys, she enjoys writing books such as Grace for the Race: Meditations for Busy Moms (Barbour) and The Groovy Chicks Road Trip to Love (Cook, co-compiled with Laurie Copeland) and tips for magazines like Working Mother, Family Circle, and Parenting. She joined the WOW group in 2007 after moving to Fredericksburg, and says, "I'm amazaed at the professionalism, encouragement, and dedication to the craft of writing that I've found in WOW. I've definitely found my writing soul-sisters!" For more information, visit or her blog, "Mother Inferior," at

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