The Hill Country Women of Words February meeting was a lot of fun with prizes and surprises! The prizes were past year’s copies of The Texas Poetry Calendars that Lianne Mercer graciously donated to our group, free for anybody who wanted them. These books are full of wonderful poetry from 1999 to 2005 and will provide their readers with tons of inspiration. They were greatly appreciated, Lianne!


Pam Perrin brought us a wonderful poem she wrote, “A Thousand Miles Then Forever,” that she plans to submit for publication in the 2013 Texas Poetry Calendar. Pam brought a copy of her cover letter to TWiG for us to help her with and then she had to get it in the mail as Feb. 21 was the deadline. Good luck, Pam! Pam also read to us a new book she has started for 7-10 year olds called The Journey of Captain Grizzly Grace. Isn’t that a fun title? 12 year old Grace Amelia May has a little brother, Bowie (who could have a career as a con man), two totally annoying parental units, and a creepy place she has to walk by every day on the way home from school. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it? Pam certainly had the 12-year old language down. Bring us more, Pam, please!


Paige Walker brought us two poems, “The Beer Can,” and “Dry Weather Rancher.” Both of these Cowboy poems were really good! Paige loves to be outside and write outside so her poems reflect a love and appreciation of the outdoors. Either of these poems would be great submissions to the Texas Poetry Calendar. If you missed this year’s deadline, Pam, there will be another one next year. Please bring us more of your words!


Vici Wray is planning on making a submission to the Birds and Blooms Backyard Blunder Contest. She read us her entry, “Leggo” but she may change the title to “Here, Kitty, Kitty!” or something else I can’t remember. This is a terrific story! The ending had us all in stitches! I think she has a good chance of winning this contest. Vici also brought us a fun little skit to read through about the Three Wise Men, not her own creation, but fun just the same. Thank you, Vici, for making us laugh!


Mary Eckert brought a friend with her, Melinda Baker, and Melinda’s daughter, Loren. Melinda is new to the Mason area and agreed to ride along with Mary to keep her company and to visit with us. Melinda journals and maybe she will be back to read us some of her work. I hope so! Mary also brought us Chapter Six of her book, Wounded Sisters, a murder/mystery among the clergy with a “stab” of humor! Mary brought us Chapter Five of this book one year ago (I looked it up) in Feb. of 2011 but we got right back into it and loved the new characters we met. This book is building nicely, Mary, and we hope to read more of it next month!


Cindy Harper is also submitting to the 2013 Texas Poetry Calendar. She brought us the three poems she plans to send in (there is a three poem limit), “Dowager Queen,” “Country School,” and “Just a Fling,” which is about the weather and had such a clever twist at the end. I happen to know (through the e-grapevine) that they are looking for humor, so I bet this one has a good chance of being accepted, Cindy. Thank you for bringing them to us! Cindy is signed up to go to the Johnson City Writers Event on Feb. 29th.


Sally Clark was sooooo very happy to be back in the fold after missing her first ever meeting last month! I brought poems, “Hawk,” “December Visitor,” “Summers at the Circle K Corral,” and “For the Children’s Sunday School Teacher.” I also brought three very short poems I submitted to June Cotner’s gift book, Gratitude Prayers, “Listening,” “At Last,” and “Shelter,” which I’ve already heard back has been preliminarily accepted. The publisher can still veto it but June likes it. I also brought a short piece I plan to submit to the Bylines Writers’ Desk Calendar I call “Persistence Gives Us Wings.” They wanted “succinct personal stories about the writing life,” so I gave it my best shot. Thanks to everybody for their suggestions! I am signed up for the Johnson City Writers Event, too.


And here we need a drum roll for our surprise – Beth Garrett was at the meeting! Vici Wray has been encouraging her to come and she did! Hooray! It was so good to see her again. She even brought us a story called “A Katrina Miracle,” the story of how her son and his family survived Hurricane Katrina, with God’s provision and a miracle of “pink lightning,” that her grandson said were angels. This is an amazing story that brought tears to my eyes. I bet there are several angel anthologies out there that would love this story or any of the Christian anthologies. I’ll keep my eyes open for one, Beth, and please come back!


News from members who could not attend:


Alice Kolb - My writing time seems to be conflicted by needlework and house guests. Tonight we have guests, so I'll miss again. Have a great meeting. I (actually my husband and I) did sign up for the Johnson City event. --G is really getting into his writing. I hope I can catch up with Alice in Johnson City.


Betty Mucha had a Johnson City Library meeting tonight, so she couldn’t come.


Since Dena Dyer started working full time, it’s a whole new world and a whole new perspective. Read her wonderful blog post at: We love you, Dena!


Good news from Ginny BainI'm still around. Will retire in 6 weeks and will rejoin group! J We are so excited, Ginny, for you and for us! We’ve missed you!!!!


I heard from Karen Greathouse last week. She says, “I started teaching at a Christian School last day of October, first graders! Oh Glorious Day...I am so in my element and loving it even for an old girl such as myself. Really the only draw back is I wish I was 25 instead of 54, it might be easier on me, ha ha. I get to read to them, talk about the Lord, pray with them, read some more and I am loving it. The school is at our church, Liberty Lighthouse Fellowship at the 281 end of the spur in J.C., which is past the library and high school, etc. It is called Hope School, preschoolers from age 3 to seniors in High School. I am so happy for you, Karen! What a wonderful opportunity. Sounds like God put you in the right place at the right time!


I’ve been seeing Katy Jones in a writers group that meets at the Boerne Library twice a month. She is working hard to promote Leandra’s Flute and already working on the sequel. It sounds great!


Kim Easley writes - Again, it was a holiday for my husband. I had no idea he would have the holiday.  Since we don't get to do much with his schedule, I hate to plan something when he can actually have a full day to do something.  I will be back... Yes, I totally missed that this was a holiday, too. See you next month, Kim.


I called Linda Colie to bring her to the meeting but she said she is still in too much pain from her injury last month and is still living with her sister, Chris.


Liz Brookshire emailed - Looks like I won’t be at WOW tonight.  I’ll bring my Feed and Flour Sack (presentation) next month.  Have a good time. Liz gave her talk on Feed and Flour Sacks Monday, at Heritage Place, but I missed it.


Liz Eberle is having problems with her back and was hurting too much to come. I miss her so much when she’s not here, I hardly know what to do. L Liz does have three new posts on the blog site: so check her out there.


I got word via Mary Eckert that Megan Willome had conflicts with her kids Monday night schedules and may for awhile. Thankfully, I get to see Megan at TWiG on most Tuesdays and enjoy her articles and her poems! Megan has some awesome posts and photos on her site,


Sheila Barnette’s husband, George, is having some health problems. He was in the hospital last week and Sheila didn’t want to leave him, understandably. She writes: Anyway, I don't want to be away for awhile until we know if he is continuing to improve.  I hate to miss the meeting again, but the one definite thing to be said about plans is that they will change in an instant. Sheila is signed up for the Johnson City Writers Event and if George is feeling well enough, he will come, too.


Sheila Kale is busy preparing for her speaking event (along with Lorrie Hess) this weekend, Feb. 25th, at the Hampton Inn here in Fredericksburg. The theme is “Refresh Your Spirit, Renew Your Life” and I’m sure it will be wonderful and inspiring! The cost is an affordable $65 and includes lunch. Go to for more details.


Sheri Pattillo emailed she will not be there tonight. :-(  I'm severely under the weather with breathing problems.  Went to doctor today, so hopefully I'll be on the mend. Have fun! When she is feeling well, Sheri comes to TWiG twice a month and I get to hear her poems there.


Happy Birthdays to:


Karen Eby on February 24th

Liz Eberle on February 25th

Barbara Loyd on March 6th

Judy Koch on March 13th

Cindy Harper on March 15th


Be sure to check for a list of the current submission deadlines.


Remember that you can’t be published if you don’t submit! And keep writing!!!


Love, Sally