We had bumper crop of writers show up for the Women of Words February, 2014, meeting!

Valerie Gaumont talked to us about her experience as a guest speaker in an online writing conference. Ever heard of those? They are becoming more and more popular as travel costs rise and more people have access to computers. Valerie did a question and answer session that went on for 3 hours, I believe it was, about creating believable characters. Valerie is such an asset to our group and has so much knowledge that she is willing to share. We are blessed to have her! If you have your own questions, I bet she would be happy to hear from you and help in any way that she can. Her email is valeriegaumont@gmail.com
Valerie also brought us our writing prompt: “That meeting was more horrid than he could ever have anticipated.” We had a great time, as we always do, writing on this prompt for ten minutes, then reading what we wrote.
Lynn Harris has a new job as an administrative assistant at Fredericksburg Farms, which is just south of Luckenbach. Lynn read her short story, “Lupe’s Valentine,” about a migrant farm worker named Emilio and how he lands his dream job of being a veterinary assistant. Lynn writes very well. She says this story is one of a group she has written (or has planned) to become part of a collection. Thanks, Lynn.
Sheila Kale (http://www.sheilaspeakshope.com/ ) was with us, although she had nothing to read. Sheila has a number of local speaking engagements lined up to talk about her experiences in Cambodia this past month. She loves speaking so this is a wonderful opportunity for her. And if you see Sheila around town, be sure to ask her about her new purse!
Liz Eberle (http://myprayingchairs.blogspot.com/ ) was with us! We were so pleased to have her. Liz is working on memoir. She is planning about 50-60 stories in about six or eight sections. Some will be previously published and some will be new. At the meeting, she brought us the introduction to her book, which is a fascinating story all its own about her beloved Aunt Sally. I’m so glad Liz is doing this. It is a great project and I would love to read the completed book. Keep going, Liz! We love your words!
Bobbi Grimmer submitted three stories to Jeanette Littleton’s anthology of Jesus Stories. She brought all three to read to us, but we only had time to hear one of them, “We Met in Malta.” We were gripped and moved by her words. We wanted desperately to hear all three, so please, please, Bobbi, bring the other two in March. We are seriously hooked.
Linda Colie is working, again, on one of her stories from the past, her Christian vampire story, which she started in Sept. 2009. She read us some more of it; her main characters are Annabelle and Rowan. She needs to refresh us all on this story and bring us some more of it next month.
Vici Wray brought us an edited version of what she brought last month, an arts and crafts project about making Paper Mosaic Pictures. This second version is much better. How-to articles are harder to write than they look, but I think Vici did a good job. Thanks, Vici.
Karen Vanek (http://karenvanek.wordpress.com/ ) has a very interesting job that we didn’t know about – she interviews veterans and video tapes them for the Red Cross archives to be filed in the Library of Congress. Karen does the interview, video tapes them, then writes the video tape jacket cover, telling who they are and a little bit of their story, just like a book jacket. She brought us “Raymond G. Foster” and he was very interesting.
Sally Clark (http://sallyclark.info/ ) brought a picture book she’s worked on in the past, I Prayed For You Today, that I would like to resurrect and start submitting. I also brought a poem, “Monastery,” and a meditation, “Places We Pray,” that I have submitted to the journal, Weavings, for their issue themed “A Monastery Without Walls.” Weavings is a subsidiary of the Upper Room ministry and they’ve bought some of my work before, so we’ll see if they are interested in these pieces. Thank you for all your help. I loved attending the Johnson City Library 7th Annual Writers Event this past week.
Barbara Loyd (http://colorfilled.blogspot.com/ ) is also working on memoir. Actually, Barbara read over her collection of writing and realized that most of what she writes is memoir. For this meeting, she brought us a piece she calls, “Monkey from Bunkie.” Did you know that Barbara was born in Bunkie, LA, (Best Spot Topside God’s Green Earth) and that her Chinese zodiac sign is the monkey (inherently intellectual and creative)? We all have such interesting lives, don’t we? Barbara also attended the Johnson City Library 7th Annual Writers Event and she has been coming to TWiG.
Valerie Gaumont (http://valeriegaumont.yolasite.com/ ) read us Chapter 1 from her newest project, a fantasy book called “The Farm.” Valerie had to educate us a bit for this one as her characters include seers, magic users, fairies, werewolves, shape shifters, and vampires. Seventeen years ago, Ivy, a “mag” or magic user, was separated from her family by the Fae, or fairies, Council. Now she has received another summons to appear before them. But why? We will be very interested to hear more of this story!
Valerie was one of the featured speakers at the Johnson City Library 7th Annual Writers Even this week, along with Pamela Hutchins and Eva Poehler. It was a wonderful event and I’m so glad I went!
Otherwise with other WOWs –
Alice Kolb (http://www.pens-or-pins.blogspot.com/ ) was at the Johnson City Library 7th Annual Writers Event this past week. Alice has written a cookbook/memoir she says is with her editor right now. I told her we would LOVE to hear how the process of writing this book has been for her. Maybe she can come to a meeting sometime, again, but leaving her husband at night has become very difficult for her, so we all understand.
Betty Mucha was one of the facilitators of the Johnson City Library 7th Annual Writers Event. I look forward to this every year and appreciate all the hard work that Betty, Valerie, and librarian, Maggie Goodman, put into it. Thank you so much!
Megan Willome (http://meganwillome.com/ ) emailed that she was editing the night of the meeting. I think the 17th is her monthly deadline. Megan comes to TWiG as often as she can.
Liz Brookshire had planned to come to WOW, but realized that her husband, Don, had a basketball game. Don helps coach the Heritage School girl’s basket ball team and they won! I’m not sure if it was a bi-district or a district game, but it was one of those. They are so lucky to have him and all his years of experience!
Mary Eckert wrote: “I will not be there this Monday. My brother is in critical condition in hospital in San Angelo . He is 75 years old and handicapped. I will probably be going to San Angelo Monday to see him. Blessings Mary” So sorry to hear this news, Mary. Our prayers go with you.
Pam Perrin comes to TWiG whenever she can.
Sheri Pattillo (http://sheripattillo.com/ ) Sheri has been studying 25-30 hours a week in a wine study course. Bless her, I hope she graduates soon!
Sylvia Rogers (http://praise4life.wordpress.com/ ) hated to miss this month, but she wrote: “I am having car issues - and do not want to risk coming to Fred. I will try to have the issues resolved by next meeting. Please let everyone know I am going to miss them.” Bummer. We missed her, too!
Remember to check www.christwriters.info/deadlines for a list of current submission deadlines.
We have three birthdays coming up -  Liz Eberle on February 25th
                                                       Barbara Loyd on March 6th
                                                       Cindy Harper on March 16th
Enjoy this wonderful weather we are having right now. And please, Lord, let it rain!
Love to all, Sally

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