We had a wonderful turnout for the February meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words. I apologize again for not writing a January newsletter. There was a meeting in January, but I was too sick to get my notes organized and sent out.
Some of you newer members maybe not be aware that our group has a web site. The address is http://hcwomenofwords.org. Please take a few minutes to check out the site. If you click on the tab that says “Members Only,” our login is “hcwows” and the password is “fbg78624”. If you do not see your name listed in the “Members Addresses” or a bio for yourself in the “Members Bios,” please send me the information and I will put it up right away. Of if you want to update your bio information or address, please let me know and I'll take care of that, too.
Betty Murphy was with us again. We haven’t seen Betty since October of last year. Betty brought us more of her memoirs and it was interesting to read. Betty is now selling life insurance policies for the Hermann Sons. If you have a policy with them for 3 years, it entitles you to live where Betty and her husband do at the Hermanns Sons Home in Comfort, TX. She loves it there!
Judith Rost did not have anything to read, but she shared with us that she is anticipating a possible contract with WestBow Press for her novel manuscript, Secrets of the High Rise. WestBow Press is the self-publishing division of Thomas Nelson. Good luck, Judith! I hope they send you a contract!!!
Judy Lightfoot brought us a letter she wrote to a dear friend for his Walk to Emmaus. Walk to Emmaus is like the Acts retreat the Catholic church does. Those letters can mean so much to the people who get them. They will treasure them for years.
Linda Christensen wrote a wonderful piece in response to the submission information I sent out for the On the Premises Short Story Contest. The theme is “Space.” We really liked her story and I believe if On the Premises doesn’t publish it, I know somebody else will. Good job, Linda.
Lynn Harris continued reading her story to us, the one she read at TWiG last week. You really need to come to TWiG to keep up with Lynn’s stories. This one has a preacher who truly “speaks the truth (the honest truth) in love (and boldness)” and it’s funny. We need more preachers like that, but too many of them would lose their jobs. Thank you, Lynn, for sharing this one with us.
Paula Bramlett has finished her fairy tale “The Hollow Tree.” Like all good fairy tales, this one has a moral. How inventive of Paula to see a tree as “mean-spirited and selfish” and how to reflect on how this affects the other trees around it and eventually, the entire kingdom. A lovely story, Paula.
Sally Clark brought the first chapter of her novella, The Art of Christmas. Many of you have already heard this book, but some of the newer members haven’t. I’m trying to get it ready for another round of submissions, so I want help polishing it up. Hope you don’t get bored hearing it again.
Shelley Burkhalter was with us, but she didn’t have anything to read.
Sheila Kale is in Cambodia. She’s due back next Tuesday. She is with a mission group founded by Steve Kroeger. Their focus on this trip was teaching the local women how to can and witnessing to them. I know she will have many stories when she gets home.
Barbara Loyd was in Houston with her husband Paul, on a Valentine’s Day trip.
We discussed several new ventures at the meeting for our WOW group, including an annual book fair (in conjunction with the Fbg. Writers Conference group), a WOW blog, or a collection of writings from our group. One thing we didn’t discuss is a display for the cabinets in our public library. That would be a fun way to highlight our writings. Anybody who would like to tackle any of these ideas is welcome to step right up!

You are also welcome to join us any Tuesday at 1:00 at Chase Bank for our Tuesday Writers inspiration Group. In this group, you’re welcome to bring longer pieces that may need more time than we can devote in the regular monthly meetings. Everybody is welcome!
Keep writing!
Love, Sally

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