The Hill Country Women of Words kicked off a brand new year meeting at the EMS building with an emergence of fantastic writing! (get the pun – “emergency/emergence” Ha! Ha!)


We had a new member present – India Lott. India is 18 years old and has recently been accepted to the University of Alabama online. India attended the Cecil Murphey writer’s seminar at The Haven in Comfort in October. She is currently writing a chapter book for 9-12 year olds set in the Middle Ages. And, she is also a very talented artist. Welcome, India ! We hope you will be back!


Linda Colie had wonderful, fantastic, exciting news!!!! Linda’s next door neighbor, Anthony Quiroz, has written a play called “The Christ of Umbria” about the life of St. Francis of Assisi . Mr. Quiroz wants to sell his play on Amazon and he paid Linda to do the cover art! She had the cover to show us all and it is a wonderful colored pencil drawing. As soon as it is up on Amazon, I will send everybody the link so they can see for themselves. In addition to this, Mr. Quiroz wants Linda to design a second cover for another play, but this one is a comedy. We are all so excited for Linda, we really want to see her talent recognized, so Liz Eberle volunteered to interview Mr. Quiroz and write a press release for our local newspaper. Whoo-hoo, Linda! Congratulations!!! Linda also read a poem she wrote called “Languishing in the Waiting Room.” Very funny!!


Sheila Barnette brought us more of Wanza’s Diary, this time her father’s letters home from Camp Croft in South Carolina and Ft. George Mead in Maryland in the spring of 1944. I love these letters!!! I think one of the reasons they are so interesting and so touching is that they were written just for each other, with no thought to who might someday read them – the honesty is so refreshing and warm. If I didn’t know that Curly survives the war, I couldn’t stand it! I cry every time Sheila reads one as it is. Thank you, Sheila, so much, for sharing them with us!!!!


Our fearless leader, Liz Eberle, has embarked on a new project. The website, is giving away free Christian books if you will write a review of that book. Liz chose a book called Finding Our Way Again by Brian McLaren. You can read Liz’s review on her blog, or link to it at which is the Book Sneeze site. Check it out to see what Liz has to say about this book. And check the site out for yourself. What a great way to learn to write book reviews and to get people to check out your own blog! Good idea! I’m sorry the book was disappointing but thank you, Liz, for sharing this great site with us.


Sheila Kale brought a new devotional, “Fire,” inspiring us all to pray for God’s spirit to blaze new in us. You may read it soon on her web site or receive it if you are on Sheila’s email list. To subscribe, go to


Alice Kolb brought a nonfiction article she has submitted to The Professional Quilter magazine called “The Professional Quilter – Quilt Seminar in the Making.” (Forgive me, Alice ,…I forgot if this has already been accepted and/or published) It was interesting to read about Alice ’s business of arranging and conducting quilting seminars. Her advice also applies to any other field - like writing seminars! Thank you, Alice !


Sally Clark’s husband, Mike, has been in the hospital this week with pancreatitis, a painful condition that was, hopefully, corrected on Tuesday by removing his gall bladder. Thank you for the prayers – he is doing very well and is coming home today. I brought a children’s story I wrote some time ago called I Prayed for You Today! This picture book follows a working parent’s day and all the times and ways that they pray for their child who is in day care. I hope to submit this to some Christian publishers soon. I also brought some poems I’ve been working on: “Good Night, Sleep Tight,” “Sweet Fellowship,” “Diamondback,” “Asteroids Hurtling Through Outer Space,” “Room 232,” “40 Years of Love Language,” and “January Rain.” And I’ve had some exciting news this past week – publisher Carolina Maine with Angoor Press ( has requested that I submit a collection of my poems to her for publication! She read my poetry blog,, and liked what she saw. Submitted doesn’t mean accepted, but this will be a big step for me. I have over 500 poems that I’ve written since we formed the WOWs but I’ve never put them into collection form. She wants between 100-140 poems. It’s going to be such fun!!!! I’m excited.


Cindy Harper brought us a short story from her “Coyote and Shadow” collection. I sincerely hope this story is destined to become a novel. It will be a powerful tool in the fiction market to unbelievers. I would say the genre was a bit magical realism and a bit analogy. It was wonderful! Cindy says it is her passion right now, although she is still working on Mary Roach’s biography.


Beth Smith writes: Sorry I did not make it to WOW tonight. The girls were out of school today. I am preparing food for tomorrow’s JV basketball team and just could not manage to get to the meeting.  Be sure to check out Beth’s blog, for her latest post, “Mercy triumphs over judgment.” Wonderful!


In Dena Dyer’s blog post of Jan. 18th, you can read about her New Years revolution. Check it out at


Florida member Dorothy Leyendecker writes: Thanks for keeping me informed, I really miss TX and was hoping we would be there by now. The Villages are really nice and have some good writing groups. Dick has access to his old company and does some consulting although not as much as before. I hope we can spend about two months or so in a rental near Austin and enjoy our grandkids for a nice long visit. Will keep you informed. God Bless. Love to all WOWS. Maybe we’ll get to see Dorothy again soon.


Karen Eby emailed to let us know what she doing these days: The Lord has been good to me (3rd Annual Calendar Journal) is getting into hands of women and even some men and being put to good use. Sandy Rietz and I had a wonderful time putting together Thristy Women's Gathering at The Haven River Inn in July. The Holy Spirit was definitely among the 42 women and 3 men (back up for music).


This year I am getting under way with bringing out past writings of mine and a few words given to me by others. The plan that the Lord's Spirit is taking me step by step with is a book entitled "Nuggets of God's Truth".


Last Friday I gave the special feature at Williamson County Christian Women's Connection. I gave tips on journaling and also do's and don’ts learned as an amateur photographer who ended up being published. Then I shared my story of "Listening, Looking and Learning Life Lessons." What a joy it is to delight in the Lord and see Him give me the desires of my heart - pass along things that have made a difference in my life that can be theirs as well.


My Daddy went home to the Lord on December 1 but the last 2 years were ones in which our family all grew closer to one another and personally to the Lord. In the midst of his illnesses was when I was seeing God at work in small yet powerful ways.  So sorry to hear about your dad, Karen. So glad that blessings came out of sorrow for your family!


Kathleen Maxwell has a new email address:


Kelly Carper Polden will be back in Texas soon! She writes: I just received an email from Russ Whitlock at Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park. The launch and book signing event for my LBJ book is scheduled on March 26, in conjunction with the LBJ 100 bicycle ride. We are also trying to schedule a book signing event at LBJ Library and Museum in Austin. As soon as that is set, I will book my flight and let you know which days I will be in Texas. Please let the writers' group know. I look forward to seeing you again!   Won’t it be fun to see Kelly again?


Laura Lightner is one of our members who lives in Kerrville and hasn’t been able to attend in years but intends to return soon and writes: Hi Sally, I am so glad to hear from you. It has been a difficult, but as always, a very blessed year. In every adversity the Lord is present, and has sent his very best help. That is surely His specialty! I look forward to attending some meetings with you. Just finished First Fires, and have a new agent, so hopefully that will go well. Glad to see you again in the near future. God bless!   Laura’s email is: You can see her picture book, First Fires, at; it is published by Xlibris.


Liz Brookshire has been coming on Tuesdays to the TWiG group but she missed Monday night because her oldest daughter, Casey, is expecting their second grandbaby in Houston.


Lorraine McVey was planning on being there tonight but we have overnight guest! I'll be there next time.  Have a great meeting.


Megan Willome said, John said he had to work late, and then he was home on time, and I was totally thrown off. I understand…it’s like getting your mouth all set for chicken salad and finding out all you have in the refrigerator is cottage cheese.


Our January birthday is Megan Willome on January 29th.


Don’t forget Lianne Mercer’s poetry class through Community Ed starts February 3rd. Read the details at


And be sure to mark February 8th on your calendars. That’s the day for the Johnson City Writers Event in Johnson City from 10 – 4:30. This great event will feature two or three published authors and offer the opportunity to workshop with them, all for only $25, including lunch! Email me, Sally, if you want to carpool. I’ll be sending out a separate email soon.


The TWiG group continues to meet every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. in the downstairs meeting room of Chase Bank. We are currently working our way through The Art and Craft of Poetry but will welcome anybody who wants more critique work for their writing projects.


Remember whatever you do, wherever you go, whatever you think, write about it!!!


Love, Sally

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