The January, 2012 meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words marked an unprecedented event – the absence of Sally Clark – the first meeting I have missed in 10 and ½ years. I am so sorry, ladies. I was done in by a nasty virus that left me dehydrated and needing an IV of fluid that Monday morning (in the doctor’s office). I would so much rather have been with you all instead of home in bed but I’m happy to report that I am fully recovered and doing fine now.

Sheila Kale was kind enough to take notes for me to write this newsletter. Liz Eberle snapped a few photos and filled in more information. The meeting began with a suggestion to tell everybody something that the others may not know about you.

Liz Brookshire said that everyone use to call her Lizzie (I always did – she’s my cousin!). Her sister, Linda Langerhans, and their grandfather, Edward Krauskopf, were both mayors of Fredericksburg. Liz read her article on the History of Morris Ranch and even brought a quilt to show and illustrate her article.

Sheri Pattillo used to be a marathon runner. No wonder she stays so slim! She’s training now for her next run. Sheri brought two poems to read. “Cattle Guard” and “Sequoia.”
“Cattle Guard” is based on her personal experience of overcoming fear when she went on a one-person retreat, a million miles away from civilization. The WOWs agreed that she needs to expand this powerful true story.


Sheila Kale is a very good portrait artist. I have several of her prints in my home. Sheila read her latest devotion that is currently posted on her web site. You can read it, too, at


Pam Perrin use to work in a large animal hospital in Blanco. Using a prompt that Liz Eberle gave us a year ago, Pam brought her story of a heroine who searches for meaning to her life through a pelican and a pit bull dog on the beach. It must have been very good. Sheila said everybody wanted more.


Sheila Burnet used to accompany her husband, George, as he investigated crime scenes. I believe George was a news reporter? journalist? I can’ remember exactly...but that must have been fascinating. Sheila had brought the next installment of her parents WWII diary/letters stories, but said she wouldn’t read them next month so that Sally wouldn’t miss out (she knows how I love them!). Those in attendance assured Sheila she could email them to Sally, so she humored the group and read her pieces, holding the group spell-bound. I’m so sorry I missed that one!!! Sheila, please email them to me!


Vicki Wray is from Rio Grande. She shared a few anecdotes surrounding the plays she wrote for Camp Grandma and promised to bring more for us.


Liz Eberle read her edited and updated story, “Grandmother and Mrs. Robin's Children.”  The story was written as a gardening piece but the group critiqued the story in their usual wise and gentle manner and encouraged Liz to polish it as a piece on grief. Liz, I wonder if it would work for GreenPrints?


Betty Mucha read an interview she wrote with Santa Clause as he contemplated retirement after his arrest by a local policeman. The WOW’s agreed it would make a great story for TV’s Hallmark movies. I think she read this at the Johnson City Writers group earlier this month, and if it’s the same piece, it was wonderful.


From the WOWs who couldn’t make it: 


Linda Colie missed our January WOW meeting, also. I believe it was only the second or third time Linda has missed a meeting. Linda fell in her bathroom and sprained the tendons in her elbow. Her sister, Chris, said that because of her rheumatoid arthritis, it is more painful than a break. Linda is living with Chris (who lives in the same apartment complex) until she heals. Please pray for her!


Alice Kolb said, “Sorry I have to miss again. I am busily preparing for two teaching gigs--lectures and workshops. Enjoy a great meeting.”


Cindy Harper emailed, “Sorry I missed tonight.  It was a bank holiday, and I was out of town. Hopefully I can make the Feb. one.”


Mary Eckert wrote, “Sorry I will not be able to make it - still battling with the cedar. Tell everyone hello."


Rebecca McCright stays in touch. “I am always so glad to see your name in my inbox. It helps me remember that I need to get back to writing after I finish writing papers for professors.”


Sally Clark felt well enough to travel to Brady on Jan. 19th (since Mike drove me), to speak to the Heart of Texas Writers (HOTW) about writing, contesting, and publishing poetry. I was very happy to meet this wonderful group of writers who have been meeting for three years. They were so nice and asked great questions. I sold four of my poetry books and gave away about 30 of past year’s Texas Poetry Calendars - many thanks to Lianne Mercer for donating them. 


The Tuesday Writers inspiration Group continues to meet every Tuesday at 1:00 in the downstairs meeting room of Chase Bank. The poetry group is working their way through Wingbeats and loving it. Anybody is welcome to join us anytime and bring any writing they would like critiqued. 


Our next birthdays will be Megan Willome on January 29th and Liz Eberle on February 25th.


Remember to check to keep up with contest and submission deadlines.


Thank you, Sheila and Liz, for your notes! I missed you all so much! I’ll see you February!!!


Love, Sally


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