Oh, the weather outside was frightful – and that kept most of us away!

There were only three members at the Hill Country Women of Words January, 2015 meeting, so we got cozy and ate lots of pizza!

We decided to skip the writing prompt. It’s not that we don’t love doing it, we just didn’t this night.
Sheila Kale http://www.sheilaspeakshope.com had a couple of things for us to critique – a short piece she hopes to feature on her website or in her newsletter called “Stones of Remembrance.” In cleaning out her house, Sheila simply can’t part with “Forgiven” and “love.” I don’t blame her. She called them “don’t-let-them-go keepers.”
Then Sheila read us a memoir called “Road Map” from many moons ago when her son, Shawn, was stationed in Hawaii. When the travel brochure promised “breath-taking views,” they weren’t kidding. As Sheila gripped the frame of their door-less sightseeing jeep, inches away from a very high drop off, her breath was hard to find, that’s for sure! A landslide prevented them from going any further. Life is full of cliff hangers, isn’t it? Whew. I’m so glad she survived this one.
Barbara Loyd http://colorfilled.blogspot.com  brought a memoir she plans to enter in a contest. She had to use the words “blow-dryer, honesty, and cockpit” and she did it in a completely seamless way. The words felt quite natural to the story of “A Painting Demo.” Not only was it a good story, I learned some things about painting and art that I never knew. I love learning! Thank you, Barbara!
Sally Clark http://sallyclark.info brought a new picture book she calls “Boogie Man.” Some children are afraid of the boogie man they think lives under their bed, but one little boy is exhausted with the boogie-woogie beat that comes out from under his bed all night long. It sure was fun to write!
What kept our other members away? Here are a few:
Betty Murphy emailed: I won't be able to make it tomorrow as we are leaving the next day for a sandhill crane adventure in west Texas.  Have a great meeting.  Betty”
Karen Vanek http://karenvanek.wordpress.com enjoyed a long-standing date with her husband that night.
Linda Colie was sick.
Linda Christensen http://senioradventureswithlindakay.blogspot.com  said,Sally, so sorry I'll miss the meeting...have a book club at my house and they are reviewing my book, Annie's Love.”
Liz Eberle http://myprayingchairs.blogspot.com has been posting stories on her blog. Don’t miss “Twin Babies in Red Dresses.”
Lynn Harris was sick.
Mary Eckert www.blessingsfortheday.wordpress.com emailed: Sorry, won't be able to come tonight. Dewey and I had the flu all through the holidays, and still trying to get back to 100% . He is doing much better than I. I'm at about 75%. Still coughing and getting a BAD case of "cabin fever", with this gloomy weather! Need sunshine and warmth.  Oh, well, I don't have an excuse NOT to write now do I. Blessings to all. Hope to see you in Feb.”
Valerie Gaumont http://valeriegaumont.weebly.com said, Sally, Not going to be able to make it tonight, the day sort of spiraled....I really like the idea you brought up about sharing our writing exercises and hope something can be figured out...Sorry I'm missing everyone this week. Tell everyone happy new year from me. Valerie”
Vici Wray emailed: I hate to miss but can't make it tonight....nursing a bad cold and don't want to spread it around. Got to get well soon as I'm running out of Kleenex. Have a yummy time. vw”
I hope everyone is resting and feeling better soon! At least the sun is out now.
Our January birthdays are Bobbi Grimmer on January 23 and
                                          Megan Willome on January 29.
The TWiG group is going strong with Sally Clark, Sheila Kale, Linda Christensen, Valerie Gaumont, Barbara Loyd, Lynn Harris, and Megan Willome. Please feel free to join us whenever you can!
I sure hope the weather is better this time!!!
Love, Sally

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