At the July meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words the only thing hotter than the weather was our sizzling stories and poems! We were great and we celebrated our eleventh anniversary as a group with a yummy Tres Leches cake from HEB! (Seriously - you have to try it!)  

Ginny Bain brought us a story called “What I Need is a Good Cry!” Retirement is wonderful but house remodeling is stressful under the best of circumstances. Ginny and her husband Jerry are about to leave (I think they’re already gone now) on their special retirement trip to Alaska with prayers that their kitchen floor will be finished when they return. The reality of retirement is that it’s actually stressful having too many choices when there are so many fun things that you want to do! You’ll work through it, though, Ginny, and we want to hear all about your trip when you return.


Vickie Wray is still working on the proposal for her book, Adventures at Camp Grandma, and brought us a lovely pink binder with everything organized, from cover page to index. It was beautiful and she read us one of her short pantomimes. She promised to bring it again next month because she especially wants Sheila Kale to see it. It’s coming together beautifully, Vickie.


Sheila Barnette brought another chapter from her Letters/Diary book about her parents during WWII, from the winter of 1945. Her father was a “sniper clean-out specialist.” Sounds like a difficult job, but then they all were. Thank you, Sheila, for sharing so much of them with us!


Betty Mucha read us a story called “The Cactus Monkey,” a memoir about the days of the drive-in theater. Y’all remember those, don’t you? They’re few and far between these days but in their time, they were a Saturday night family tradition. Betty grew up with a drive-in right across the street with monkeys in a cage to entertain movie goers before the show. What a fun story!


Linda Colie didn’t have anything of her own to read but she shared a poem her next door neighbor, Anthony Quiroz, wrote called “The Pride of Heaven,” and we all enjoyed. Mr. Quiroz would love to come to our group but sorry, no can do! Linda is still working on her illustrations for Tails of the Hill Country and will try to bring some drawings to the next meeting.


Sally Clark brought poems, “Generation Gap,” “X-Ray Vision,” “Simple Things,” “Launching Pad,” “On the Way to the Hospital for Surgery,” “Antarctica in July,” and four Prodigal poems. Thank you, everybody, for listening and for your help.


Valerie Gaumont brought us chapter 3 of her book, Shadows on the Wall. Ellie Danson continues to patch together her past from her shattered memory. It appears the people who want to convince her she isn’t who she knows she is are a bit sloppy and have missed some crucial details. I’m afraid they don’t know what or who they are up against! Keep the chapters coming, Valerie; we’re hooked!


News for the WOWs who couldn’t make it to the meeting –


Barbara Loyd had wonderful news about her story, “Proposal Among the Peacocks” being accepted for publication. She and Paul will be moving soon, maybe (they hope) to Plano. Pittsburg was a possibility but that’s been ruled out (whew!).


We sure have been missing Cindy Harper but she say that Monday is her yard watering day and she has to be home to move sprinklers around. I hope they lift the restrictions soon.


Dena Dyer has a great humor story online at: Treat yourself to read.


Katy Jones writes: I had an email from Chamberton Publishing. They've accepted one of my fantasy short stories for an anthology. Woo hoo!  It even pays a little $$. :) This one was published way back in 1994 with a small Canadian fantasy mag that has since gone out of business.  I remembered how Sally always "recycles" poetry and thought I'd try to send this one again.  Thanks, Sally! Congratulations, Katy!


Kim Easley emailed to say: An update is long overdue. No matter how hard I run, theatre always pulls me back. Although quite a departure from the Hal Holbrook theatre and other venues, I find myself drawn to theatre education. Usually this draw involves children, but this time the draw is disabled adults. Who knows what we will draw upon in life...the hound series is not dead. Sounds like Kim has a new adventure!


Liz Brookshire’s grandson was visiting this week and went to VBS at 1st Baptist with Liz, making special memories with his grandma!


Liz Eberle has a new email: Drop her an email. She could use a friendly hello.


Mary Eckert says: I won't be able to make it tonight. My husband really doesn't want me driving alone in the dark, and Dayna Haines will not be able to ride with me. She has family coming in and won't be able to make the meeting tonight either. The only way I'll be able to make meetings in the future is to leave early enought to get to Mason before dark, or have someone riding with me. Sorry, but I just don't see well enough at night to risk it. I am writing. Working on an article for Real Life  magazine. It is due the last of September. I am hoping to see you all in August and bring the article for critique. Blessings to all....keep on writing. Love Mary I would like to hear about Real Life magazine, Mary. I’ll be praying for you to find more Mason women writers to come along with you.


Pam Perrin emailed: I will have to miss tonight, I am going out of town. See y'all next month


Sheila Kale had a life coaching appointment but she should be able to join us in August.


Sheri Pattillo wrote: I will be out of town with my extended family next week.  Tell the WOW group hello and happy anniversary!


We have two birthday to celebrate before our next meeting: Katy Jones on July 20th (that’s today, sorry, Katy) and Sheila Kale on August 10


Until then, keep checking for submission deadlines.


Stay cool and keep writing! Love, Sally

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