The July meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words was low on quantity but high on quality! Weather, grandchildren, and celebrations keep many of our members away and they were missed. But those of us who were there had the luxury of sharing our hearts, our stories, and a delicious Tres Leche cake to celebrate our 12th birthday as a group! And thank you, Vickie, for the sandwiches and chips. It made the perfect meal.

Sally Clark talked a bit about the Fredericksburg Writers Conference Second Quarter meeting where she and others spoke about entering writing contests. It was a great opportunity to connect with other writers. It’s always so inspiring to hear their stories. Sheila Kale and Karen Vanek were also at the meeting.
Valerie Gaumont couldn’t make it because of the weather but she did send us a prompt to write to: “I’ll be there very soon, and then, then you will see wonders.” What does that make you think of? We all took it a different direction.
Linda Colie was put in mind of her Minnesota roots and the Vikings who visited there before Columbus even sailed in our direction. She wrote a short piece about an old Chevy, deep in the woods, that peers into a settlement of strange two-legged creatures – humans. They saw many wonders! It was really good. Linda is very happy that her apartment has received a wonderful make-over, compliments of local professional organizer (and a member of Linda’s church), Julie Dotson. I was amazed. Her apartment is now so much more wheelchair-friendly and looks bigger than I’ve ever seen it. What a gift!
Vickie Wray wrote her prompt story about a cat called “Mo-Toes.” It was delightful! Vickie also brought photos from one of her Camp Grandma shows called Bubble Bather. It was so cute to see her grandchildren (when they were younger) dressed up like bubble bathers, dancing with their parents. Vickie said the musical accompaniment was “Splish, Splash, I was Takin’ a Bath!” It looked like so much fun.
Sally Clark wrote a poem to Valerie’s writing prompt. I also brought Chapter Seven of my novella, The Art of Christmas. It was well received! And  I brought along my copy of an anthology, Friends of Inspire Faith: Inspiring Stories of God’s Faithfulness in which my poem, “New Tricks,” is published. This is the third time this poem has been published.
Liz Brookshire wrote about the Apostle Peter, after Jesus’ death on the cross, remembering his prophecy about His return. It was wonderful. Liz has been working on a new project – writing memories of her parents to give to her children at Christmas, a journal that she can add to year after year, recording their family history. What a wonderful idea! She read some of what she has written to us that evening – this one was about her father, Oscar Krauskopf. I love Liz’s stories – I always learn so much about Fredericksburg history and our own family (Liz’s father, Oscar, and my father, Fritz Sturdivant, were first cousins).
News from around the group:
Betty Mucha emailed: Sorry I will miss the celebration. I think it great that you have been meeting and writing for so long. No wonder it is beginning to pay off! I love meeting with this group of women but evenings are just not a good time for me. Hope to be able to meet sometime yet this summer.   
Liz Eberle’s son, Eddy, her daughter-in-law, Julie, and granddaughter, Madeline, are here for a 10 day visit and Liz is in heaven! That’s why she didn’t come to the meeting.
Megan Willome had planned to come but her daughter, J.J., just found out that day that she got the lead role of Belle in the Fbg. High School summer play, "Beauty and the Beats" and they had to go out and celebrate her good news! I don't blame her. That's wonderful! 
Megan has been coming to TWiG on Tuesdays, along with Pam Perrin and Sheri Pattillo.
Rebecca McCright is one of our Kerrville members, a teacher, who has been working to get her Masters degree in school counseling. She hasn’t been able to attend WOW very often but writes: I am missing the fellowship and encouragement from fellow writers. I wish that I could attend the meetings. I finally graduated, so I do feel that I will have more time to write, but I am now volunteering in a girls' organization that meets on the first and third Monday each month. Bummer. I hope you are all doing well. I read each newsletter carefully, but there are a lot of names I don't recognize anymore. :(  Thanks for keeping me inspired to write!!  Rebecca also says that she stopped her teacher’s newsletter while she was completing her degree but she is starting it back up again in September.
Sheila Kale has completed her course of study and is now fully accredited as a Christian Life Coach. Congratulations, Sheila! Sheila didn’t come to WOW because her daughter and five grandchildren have been visiting for a week.
Valerie Gamount said: I don't think I will be able to make it tonight. The weather is just too nasty. With the heavy rain and flood warnings in place until 7am I don't want to be driving back to JC at night. Sorry I'm missing the birthday. See you at the next one. 
Birthdays between now and then are Katy Jones on July 20th and
                                                  Sheila Kale on Aug. 10th
Enjoy this delicious rain and keep your pencils movin' and your computer keys typin’!
Love, Sally

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