Happy Birthday to us! The Hill Country Women of Words is officially 17 years old now and we owe it all to Liz Eberle, our talented and gracious founder. None of us would be meeting in this group today if it weren’t for Liz. Liz has a blog, https://myprayingchairs.blogspot.com/. She hasn't posted much this year (understandably) but she posted a beautiful poem in may, a tribute to her husbnad, Gus, who passed in 2017. 

Bobbi Grimmer brought us COPIES of her piece, “The Tether,” which she wrote in January of 1995. This piece is part essay, part memoir, and all tribute to the God that keeps Bobbi on a tether of love. We worshipped right along with Bobbi in her words. Thank you!

Paula Bramlett read a few pages to us from a manuscript called Xetas, written by her friend, John Schultz, who asked Paula for help with the book. Xetas is a fantasy novel and we enjoyed it. Several of our fantasy readers asked to read more of the book. Thank’s, Paula, for sharing it with us. We wish John the best of luck with his book.

Sally Clark didn’t have anything to read.

Andrea Culpepper didn’t have anything to read, either.

Sheila Kale brought us a short, reflective essay, “Bumbling Strategy,” about the hive of bees that live outside her back door. They are really buzzy neighbors! Sheila is such a patient soul. (Well, she’d have to be to put up with me, wouldn’t she?)

Vickie Wray brought us two of her Camp Grandma skits – “Miss Fortune Beauty Contest”  where the boys competed in evening gowns (one of their favorites!) and “This is Your Life,” based on an old TV show by the same name. Thank you, Vickie, for making us laugh.

Connie Arlitt has her blog up – http://conniejane1946.blogspot.com – and she has posted her novel, Janet’s Quest, there. You can read the whole thing now, I think. I’m sure Connie would love to hear any comments you have.

Barbara Loyd and her husband, Paul, have gone north for the summer. They’ve moved to their house in CloudcroftNew Mexico and won’t be back until October. Barbara called me on Tuesday, the day of our meeting, to let me know they arrived safe and sound, but I think she mostly wanted to tell me she was so cold, she was having to wear a jacket. Talk about rubbing it in!

Linda Christensen and her husband, Jerry, are on their way to Maine. They have rented a house there and will stay for a month. Then they’ll leave and wind their way home by way of Illinois so they can visit with family. They’ll be back in September.

Judith Rost and her husband, Leonard, are leaving next week for Minnesota to visit their family. They’ll be back in six weeks.

Stay cool and keep writing! 


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