The Hill Country Women of Words met Monday night, June 15th, at the Highland Oaks Apartments for fellowship and reading. It was a great meeting!
Liz Eberle has been spring cleaning again (even though it's summer!) and ran across an old article of hers that was published in May, 1966, in The Fundamentalist: The Official Voice of the World Baptist Fellowship. This was her first publicaiton. She brought the article for us to read and it was amazing - I did not know that Liz's first love of housecleaning is her windows. (Mine is dust - that's why I move it so seldom; I don't want it to go away.) Amazing that Liz has been publishing her writings for 43 years. How inspiring and encouraging! Thank you, Liz!
Sally Clark wrote a piece called "Feathers," a sort-of-Christian-fantasy-flash fiction. I have no idea what I will do with it, but I may try a few contests before I try to publish it. I also brought some poems, "Rocks," "Shells," "Waves," and two untitled poems, all about the sea. I am trying to work up a collection of sea-centered poems for a chapbook. I also brought five humor greeting card ideas that I have submitted to Grammaburp Cards. Two have already been rejected; the other three are still in the running. I also brought the June issue of The Kids Ark, featuring my story, "Learning to Listen." These people are great to work with and pay very well. And I brought a copy of Patchwork Path: Dad's Bowtie, a new anthology from Choice Publishing featuring stories from me, Kelly Polden, and Liz Brookshire. I have featured this news on the front page of our WOW website, if you would like to take a look (
Megan Willome read two poems, "Stubborn Bluebonnet," and "Swimsuit Miracle," which was published online at High Calling Blogs ( "Swimsuit Miracle" was written from a challenge on High Calling Blogs to write a "found" poem, where the phrases are all things you have found in magazines, newspapers, catalogs, etc. One of my favorite fun poetry things to do! Good job, Megan. Thanks!
Sheila Kale did not bring anything to read, but she has been busy with her speaking engagements (of which she has to write first). Sheila will be speaking at a women's retreat in Mason on July 18, at River of Life Church which just happens to be the church that Mary Eckert and Dayna Haines attend. Her topic will be "Bonding With Friends Within the Church." I bet it will be wonderful and Dayna and Mary will get to hear it.
Linda Colie surprised us with a children's story called, "Tempest in a Tea Tin," starring Clover Buttercrumb and Punkin Watercress; a fun, very British comedy with animal characters. Linda always surprises us! She is so very multi-talented! Thank you, Linda!
Dayna Haines had a children's story to read, too, called "Across the Asphalt Plain," about Trevor, a deer who has to try to negotiate the crossing of a busy highway. Dayna says she has hit 18 deer in 3 years. Good heavens! It's fun to see the challenge from a different perspective. Thank you, Dayna!
Rebecca McCright is busy getting ready for her Teachers Retreat, July 24, 25, and 26, at The Haven River Inn in Comfort. She brought us a copy of her June teachers newsletter, Fruitful Teaching. I had no idea what a "June box" was, Rebecca, but I certainly understand the need for it! She also brought a piece that I would call a devotional; two stories relating to birth, one physical, one spiritual. Both beautiful writings belong in some publication somewhere; I hope we can find the right fit for them. Thank you, Rebecca!
Mary Eckert brought along her contract from Tate Publishing for Where Was God When I Cried. Mary asked our advice about various points of the contract and solicited some "back cover" remarks from various WOW members. It's so exciting and educational for us all, Mary, to get to be a part of this. Thanks for including us!
Cindy Harper's daughter Lisa was in town for a few days, so she was not with us.
Dena Dyer's husband, Carey, was sick, so she didn't want to leave him with the boys and she stayed home.
Dorothy Leyendecker writes this good news: "My story is in the June/July issue of Reminisce magazine. Don't know yet what they will pay. Was only told check would come from Readers Digest, a parent company. It is good to read my story and see my photos in the magazine. Best regards to all WOWs. God Bless. Love, Dorothy." Does anybody have a subscription to Reminisce or know where I can buy one? I would love to make a copy of Dorothy's article and send it out for the group to read.
Katy Jones' has a new blog! If you haven't checked it out yet, you should. It's wonderfully educational and inspirational!
Liz Brookshire wanted to come, but it was her night to stay with her mom. She wants to try to attend some of the Tuesday group meetings and she will be very welcome!
We are still meeting on Tuesdays, at 11:00 a.m., at Chase Bank in the downstairs meeting room. Anybody is welcome to join us.
Liz Eberle, Kelly Polden, and I attended the Johnson City Writer's Workshop on Thursday, June 18, and had a wonderful time. That's a great groups of writing ladies over there. They hope to put together a conference sometime in the future. What a blessing it would be for us to have a conference so close! Liz, Kelly, and I will report to the group at the July meeting about this event.

Our next meeting will be Monday, July 20, at 5:30, at the Highland Oaks Apts. meeting room. 

Our July birthdays are: Dena Dyer - July 12 and Katy Jones - July 20.

It know it's hot so stay inside and write!


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