The Hill Country Women of Words met on June 21st, the longest day of the year, and we stayed cool! And, we even had great new name tags, thanks to Liz Eberle!!

We had a new member join us this month, Lorraine McVey, who is driving all the way in from Medina to join us! Lorraine is a friend of Karen Eby, who also lives in Medina, and she is thrilled to have found us. Lorraine retired after 33 of being a PE teacher and she taught in Kerrville, Leon Springs, and at San Antonio Junior College. You can email Lorraine at:
Lorraine brought us a short story entitled, “My Memories of Sharing Christmas with Exchange Students,” but she has now shortened the title to “Exchange Student’s American Christmas.” Much better! Lorraine plans to submit this delightful story to Chicken Soup’s Extra Christmas Book, deadline July 13th. I think she has a good shot at publication with this one!
Cindy Harper is starting a new and exciting writing project – a memoir of her friend, Mary Roach, who is a close personal friend of Mary Crowley, the woman who started Home Interiors. Mary Crowley was well-known as an inspirational speaker and had several books published. Mary Roach heard Mary Crowley speak in California, then years later found herself in Dallas, a single mom with four small boys, and she called Mary Crowley for help. She was not disappointed, as Mary Crowley took Mary Roach under her wing, helped her, taught her, and mentored to her. Fascinating! Cindy is calling her new adventure “Storytelling Ministries” and the working title of her book is “The Mary Project.” This is wonderful, Cindy! We will love it if you will bring us installments, story by story!
Linda Colie brought us poems this month: “The Middle,” a kid’s poem entitled “The Little Daschund,” and “Sun Tea,” a delicious poem that made us all thirsty. She also shared one of her wonderful drawings of an elephant. Linda is so talented! And she tantalized us with the name of a new project she is working on, a story called “The Buxom Lass.” With Linda, you never know! Better come next month and find out!!
Sally Clark brought samples of her published greeting card from Calypso Cards and her copy of Texas Poetry Calendar 2011 which features one of her haiku. I also brought 15 new card submissions I have sent off to Calypso (they actually invited me to submit some more!) and 30 children’s poems about Princesses, a study unit for Highlights of Home Schooling. I am currently working on 2 more study units, one about Knights and Castles and one on Dragons. They are really fun for me to do!
Megan Willome was at the meeting. Having just finished editing this month’s Wacoan, she didn’t have anything to share, but she does have 6 new postings on her blog since our last meeting at:
Liz Eberle was there but with no story. Liz has made 3 posts to her blog since our last meeting at: Liz is soon leaving for North Carolina for her son, Eddy’s, retirement from the Marines party and granddaughter Madeline’s 10th birthday.
Sheila Kale was with us, too, but had nothing to read. Sheila has been writing, though, and you can read her latest devotions at:
Dena Dyer wasn’t able to be with us. She had a family crisis in SA and didn’t make it back in time but she does want to give her talk about branding at the next meeting. In case you didn’t know it, Dena, her husband Carey, and their two boys are moving to Amarillo next month. You can read the details of Dena’s journey on her latest blog post at:  And did you happen to catch Dena’s book signing at The Closer Walk on June 5th for her new book, Let the Crow’s Feet and Laugh Lines Come: Rediscovering Beauty at Any Age?



Sheila reports it was one of the most successful book signings she has ever hosted and she still has copies available for sale in the store. And be sure to make note of Dena’s new email address: She wants us all to stay in touch.


Alice Kolb is on a two-week vacation with her husband, George. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Keep up with Alice's other activities on her blog:


Dorothy Leyendecker sent me a copy of her funny story, “A Texas Thanksgiving Day,” which is to be published in Thanksgiving Tales: True Stories of the Holiday in America. I have attached it for everybody to read.


Judy Koch, a new member who has been attending our TWiG meetings on Tuesday, has submitted a riveting story to Guideposts and I have attached it for you to read, also. “Walking with the Lions” sounds so amazing, doesn’t it? But not quite so appealing when you become the appetizer!


Karen Greathouse writes: I am still alive, just been busy with the garden and grandchildren. June might mean vacation for some but for me it's when it all out of school coming to visit and gardens bursting at the seams! Who knows if I am made for writing or not..maybe it's my therapy and I am not driven enough to pursue publication...ha ha. I want you to continue to include me, I appreciate the connection and should I ever have free time to come, I will as you all inspire me deeply. God bless you big today.


Kathleen Maxwell said: I hate to miss but we are only two and a half weeks away from my daughters wedding. Tell everyone hello for me. Weddings are all-consuming, Kathleen. We totally understand!


Katy Jones emails: I really miss all of you.  I guess I didn't get to bring the rest of the story of the Enchanted Flute.  I did finish it, though! We may have done something absolutely stupid, but we bought a house before selling this one.  The closing is June 15th.  My address, phone and probably email will change, but I'll keep you posted.  If we can't sell this house, we'll have to rent it.  I'd rather not be a landlord, but we may have no choice.


I haven't been able to write or do anything creative since we put our house on the market the first of March.  I realized there is a direct correlation to my clutter piles and creativity!  Yikes!  I will be SO glad to get my cluttered office back!!!!! I'll be going crazy packing, painting and putting down flooring in the new house, and touching up things in the old house.  I will definitely keep in touch!!! Please tell everyone hello for me and that I have NOT forgotten them!  I’ll let everybody know as soon as I have a new address, email, and/or phone # for Katy. She does have a new blog post for June at:


Liz Brookshire wrote me: I’m not sure if I will make it tonight.  Last week was a difficult week as we have been emptying Mama’s house and I am tired.  Liz has a blog post at: you will enjoy reading, especially if you enjoy history.


Mary Eckert says: Looks like I will be unable to make the meeting. I have my grandson for the rest of the summer. Maybe I can make a meeting in August? Miss all of you....Blessings to all... We’ll look for you in August, Mary!


Mary Hartmann emails from New York to say: Presently, my life is peaceful.  I'm still under Doctor's surveillance, attending PT 3 x a week and continuing motherhood and chief cook and bottle washer for my son Dan and his 12 year-old Cassie, who are the delights in my life. With all this pain medication sometimes I have trouble getting out of bed at 6AM to fix her breakfast. I have started to collect my life doings.  I must finish the Cd's of all the songs I've written since 4 years-old.  It is my intention to put my writings, both music and stories, as a collection in a small bookcase for all to see or read.  I intend to make 4 copies of everything including bookcase for my kids and their kids and their kids etc. Hopefully, somewhere down the line, my stuff will come to life. God bless you, Mary!


Pam Perrin emailed: I won't be able to come tonight and I was so looking forward to seeing y'all again. However, I got off work late so I guess that is how it goes sometimes. I will see y'all next month. I hope to be able to stop by on a Tuesday sometime. Have a great meeting and say hi to Linda for me. I didn’t realize that Pam lives in Blanco…that’s quite a drive for her to make!


Rebecca McCright said she was very sorry she couldn’t come. I know she misses us.


Sheila Barnette writes: I fully intended to come tonight and bring a guest, but I became ill on Saturday night with some kind of intestinal "flu" and it is still hanging grimly on.  I really miss you gals and will be there next time God willing. Get well soon, Sheila!


There is no doubt that summer wrecks routines but do make a special effort to attend our July meeting which will be at:  


We will be celebrating our 9th anniversary

(or is it a birthday?) as a group!!!


We have two July birthdays: Dena Dyer - July 12 and Katy Jones - July 20.


Keep up with all the latest submission deadlines at:


So pop firecrackers! And roast wieners! And have a wonderful 4th of July!!!


Love, Sally  


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