I love the way we grow at the Hill Country Women of Words! We are expanding into such wonderful genres! 

Pam Perrin attended a fiction writing workshop with author and speaker, Kimberly Morris in Houston, TX on June 9th. Pam learned so much from this workshop that she was excited to share with us, so I scanned her hand-outs and have attached them to this email. I hope you will take the time to open the attachment, look them over, and save them in your files (or print them out to save). They are full of valuable information. Thank you, so much, Pam, for going to Houston and for sharing all this with us. Pam plans to make good use of her learning in her fiction endeavors. She is sharing her poetry with us at TWiG on Tuesdays.

Sally Clark brought her copy of the 2013 Texas Poetry Calendar featuring her poem, “Weather Report,” (July) and Lianne Mercer’s poem, “Untold Fredericksburg Story,” (March) to show everybody. I also brought poems for my chapbook about my Mom, “Rear View Mirror,” “To My Cousin Like a Sister,” “Baking my Cake and Eating it, Too,” and “Handle With Care,” and a poem called “Ripples” that I have entered in the Write This Word contest. I also brought some ideas to submit to the current Hallmark Cards contest: She’s Graduating! and ask everybody to vote on which were their favorites. I got those submitted this morning. Thanks, everybody!


We are always so happy when Liz Brookshire comes to WOW (and not just because she bring us pizza)! Liz brought us a poem called “Agarita Wine #1,” about her father making agarita wine how they found it years after his death and it was still good, just like her memories of her dad. A sweet blessing and perfect for Father’s Day! Thank you, Lizzie.


Mary Eckert was there and she had also attended a fiction writing workshop in Brady, TX, sponsored by the Heart of Texas Writers Group and lead by Nancy Robinson Masters. Many of you will remember Nancy – she and two of her writer friends visited our group in April of 2009. Mary was excited about how much she learned from this four hour workshop with Nancy and said that Nancy would love to come do a workshop for us here in Fbg. What do y’all think? When is a good time? This particular workshop was about fiction but Nancy writes nonfiction as well. Be thinking about it – I’ll send out a separate email soon asking for input.


Dayna Haines has retired from teaching in Llano and is eager to join us again! We were so glad to see her! Dayna says her life is fantasy and she drives a lot, so naturally, her imagination creates wonderful images to entertain her along the way. She brought us artistic sketches and writing sketches of a book she would like to pen, Ancient Myths of a Modern-Day Landscape in Texas where “heavily armored gas-powered steeds” race down “ribbons of highways” and their conflicts with the Rail Dragons who guard the culverts and tunnels where they hoard their treasure. Man, Dayna sure has more fun driving than I do!! I hope she will return and bring us more of this fantastic story.


Valerie Gaumont brought us Chapter 2 of her book, Shadows on the Wall. Ellie Danson decided to go jogging with her fake friend, Sandy, to try to learn more of her identity or what Sandy was trying so hard for her not to discover about herself. Valerie is an excellent suspense writer and had us on the edge of our seats. We may have to ask Valerie to email us more installments between meetings because it is too hard to wait for the rest of the story! Thank you, Valerie! We love your work!


Linda Colie brought us poems. Last month, Linda showed us the cover of a card that she had drawn for her sister, Chris. This month, she read the poem she plans to put inside the card, “Calico Squares.” Chris will be so touched! It was lovely. Linda also read four other poems, “A Red Pen,” “The Fly,” “Time,” and “Lost.” Hope I got the titles right, Linda. They were great and we enjoyed them so much!


Here is what I’ve heard from other WOWs in the past month:


Alice Kolb says: Seems months since I've been with you. I might get to come tonight--depends on issues with my Mac computer. It seems to have an 'illness.' Makes me sad! I'm driving to SA for the diagnosis and hopeful, the repair. If I finish in time, I'll enjoy being with you and all. Sadly, Alice didn’t make it to the meeting. I haven’t seen her since she got back from Israel but we would love to!


If I’m not mistaken, Barbara Loyd and her husband Paul are in town right now. I don’t know how long they will stay. I wish she could have made it for the meeting.


Betty Mucha writes: I am not going to make the meeting tonight.  Been very busy with company etc. We miss you, too, Betty!


Dena Dyer posted on her Twitter account on 06-08-12: Soooo excited that I can finally announce: my first book, "Grace for the Race: Meditations for Busy Moms" is getting a new lease on life as a month-long inspirational e-book through Patheos. It will be promoted there, as well as on/through The High Calling, where I'm an editor. Thank you, Lord! Congratulations, Dena! This is great news!


Kathleen Maxwell emailed: Hate to miss again and thanks for keeping me in the loop. I will be gone. I hope Kathleen can make it back soon. I really miss her.


Liz Eberle has started a new blog: http://finishinglifegracefully.blogspot.com where she says: At 75 years and counting, I'm determined for my soul-light to outshine the bonfire of candles on my birthday cakes. Liz’s son, Eddy, his wife, Julie, and their daughter, Madeline are here for a visit from North Carolina so I gave her an excused absence from the WOW meeting this month but I sure hope she comes next month – we miss her!!!


I don’t know where Megan Willome was but she has been coming to TWiG so we get to hear her poems there and see her beautiful smile!


Sheila Kale had to miss because of business – she has a new Life Coaching client who wants to meet with her every other Monday, so she may not make it next month, either. L


Sheri Pattillo writes: Sorry to miss next week - I will be hosting a dinner with friends to share about my involvement in Leadership Foundations and my work in Mozambique.  Tell everyone hello! Sheri has been coming to TWiG on Tuesdays and sharing her poetry with us, for which I am very thankful!


Vici Wray emailed: So sorry I missed the meeting - we had a "Celebration of Life" (a funeral, sort of) for Joyce Hughes at our church Monday.  Our food ministry prepared lunch for the family and refreshments for after the service.  By the time I got home at 4:30, I was too pooped to make the WOW meeting.  And I so look forward to those meetings. Will continue to work on my project so that it can be reviewed at next month's meeting.  Leaving for Arkansas this week for a week with my Aunt. See you next month, Vici!


We have two July birthdays – Dena Dyer on July 12th and Katy Jones on July 20th.


Be sure to keep up with all our writer guidelines at www.christwriters.info/deadlines


Please, Lord, let a rain of water and of words fall on us all!


Love, Sally

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