The Hill Country Women of Words June meeting was small, but so much fun!
Sheila Kale gave us our writing prompt: “We waited...” We didn’t wait – we wrote for 10 minutes and then shared our words.
Barbara Loyd brought two poems and a story all attributed to neighbors. “In the Path of Progress,” a lament to the five trees which once stood on the lot next door shading her studio (in Tulsa, OK, not Fredericksburg) and how sad it was to see her “neighbors” lopped down, shredded, and carted away. Barbara also brought a creative nonfiction piece called, “Ballet Trauma,” not an experience of her own, but an experience of one of her neighbors. It was good to be reminded that we never know the trauma somebody else may be in, even in the most entertaining circumstances. Barbara’s second poem, “Bounty,” was a tribute to her neighbor’s vegetable garden which Barbara got to pick while her neighbor was on vacation. Thanks to Barbara and her neighbors for their inspiration.
Paula Bramlett is continuing to work on her story of Sacajawea which will be part of her book, Sassy Cowgirls. Paula brought a sample of the research she does for her stories. Her research is extensive and that’s part of the reason why her stories are so well written. Thanks, Paula.
Sally Clark brought news that the story she read at WOW last month, “Sidney’s Story,” has been accepted by Purpose Magazine for their February 2018 issue. This story is a shortened version of a longer piece, “The Christmas Card,” which was previously published in Tyndale House’s anthology, Life Savors, in 2008. Recycle, recycle, recycle! This is my second time to be published in Purpose.
Sheila Kale didn’t have anything to read, so she read Linda Blalock’s story that appeared in the Fredericksburg Standard newspaper for winning First Place in the Fredericksburg Writers Conference’s annual contest. We all enjoyed it. I hope you got a chance to read it.
Judith Rost is still in Minnesota.
Linda Christensen couldn’t make the meeting because she had just returned from Illinois the night before, but Linda is a regular TWiG attendee so we keep up with her there.
Megan Willome is the new editor at Tweetspeak Poetry. Congratulations, Megan!
Sheila Kale’s daughter and five grandchildren are in town for the next two weeks, so we probably won’t be seeing her at TWiG for awhile.
I had a nice email from Sheila Barnett in Johnson City saying, “I still get your messages and it is good to keep up with everyone.  I don’t know how I’ve gotten so oversubscribed with all kinds of “things,” but such is the case.  I doubt I will get back to writing anytime soon, but I do miss the group of writers.  Maybe someday things will slow down, but I’m not holding my breath.
We are doing well.  This summer we are doing our summer lunch program for local kids who need a free lunch during the time school is out.  It is 3 days a week at our church, hot meals, and while I don’t have to cook every day, I do need to be there to answer questions from the cooks and open (and close) the Activity center doors.  We serve from 11-12:30, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We have cooking teams from 4 local churches., and three provide 2 teams.  It is really a community effort.
I hope you are well and I do miss the group.”
Shelley Burkhalter has taken a full-time job at the Kerrville Public Library. We will miss her so much. I really enjoy Shelley’s writing. She promised to stay in touch and let us know of any writing events at the library in Kerrville.
Don’t forget about TWiG every Tuesday, at 1:00 p.m. in the downstairs meeting room of Chase Bank. Everybody is welcome.
Keep cool, keep writing, and let it rain!
Love, Sally

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