We had a wonderful group of writers for the June meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words. We are enjoying our new facilities at South Church very much!
Sally Clark distributed an updated members list with new/old member Vici Wray listed on it. That was my only contribution to the meeting, as I have simply not been writing recently (about 2 years!), but have sincere hopes for a new influx of words someday.
Lynn Harris picked up her story where she left off last month (or maybe it was the last TWiG meeting?). Gordo is leaning on a character whose name I forgot to write down to get the names of the drug cartel members. He is successful, but we’re not sure where the story will go from here. Thanks, Lynn.
Sheila Kale is back! She’s doing great after her knee surgery, but great doesn’t mean she is completely well – there is still time to go in the healing process. Sheila is working to re-vamp her web site and brought us some writing and questions that she might use on the updated site she called “Clarity, Light for Your Next Step.” We helped with what we could and hope it was useful. Thanks, Sheila.
Paula Bramlett was with us, but didn’t have anything to read. Thanks for listening, Paula.
Linda Christensen brought us Chapter 10 of her book, “The Nativity,” the story of Jesus’ birth. Jesus is here! We are all enjoying this book very much and learning through Linda’s research. Thanks, Linda.
Bobbi Grimmer brought us a poem she wrote about her brother, “When I Think of You, I Think of . . . “ It was a good poem with lots of alliteration, which is fun. We got to know Bobbi’s brother a bit through this poem. Thanks, Bobbi.
Andrea Culpepper is still working on her blog and still working on her first post. She says now she has blog-a-phobia. One potential name for the blog is “Love From the Pit.” I like it! Thanks, Andrea.
Vici Wray brought us the guidelines/instructions for two of the skits from her Camp Grandma book, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” and “Splish, Splash.” We helped her fine tune the cast, costumes, props, music, and actions. It was fun! Thanks, Vici.
Lesley Boyer emailed to say she needed to stay home and rest her leg. Our prayers are with her for healing.
This heat is brutal, but the weather man is promising some relief starting this weekend. Let’s all pray for rain!
Love, Sally 

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