The March meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words welcomed two new members this month!!


Kimberli Hood Easley ( ) is a friend of Dena Dyer’s who is new to the Hill Country area. She is living in Fredericksburg and is most recently from Tennessee. Kimberli has been an actor, a director, and a script writer (that’s how she knows Dena). She is branching out from her stage work to do some creative writing and has an interest in poetry. She brought a lovely poem to the meeting called “Echoes;” in poignant moments, “a sound sometimes heard offering grace with a sigh.” We enjoyed Kimberli so much and look forward to getting to know her better! Thank you, Dena, for connecting us!!!!


Sherri Pattillo ( ) came as a guest of Kathleen Maxwell’s from Kerrville. Sherri also lives in Kerrville, but her children attend school here in Fredericksburg at Heritage. Her son, Parker, is in my granddaughter Sophia’s 8th grade class (along with George Lott who is India Lott’s younger brother). Small world! Sherri brought a piece to read called “It’s Time,” a reflective journal entry type of writing that would make a wonderful devotional. Her language was very poetic and as it turns out, she also has an interest in poetry. Sherri is delightful and we look forward to hearing more of her words! Thank you, Kathleen, for bringing her along!!


Sally Clark gave a short presentation about contracts. I was offered a contract for a book of my poetry from a publisher called Angoor Press in Denver, CO. Since poetry is a low-selling market, I didn’t feel it really merited the cost of an attorney review, so instead, I emailed the contract to three of my book-published writer-friends and one editor-friend. The opinions were unanimous – don’t sign it. We went over the contract as a group, and discussed what they had found that was wrong or dangerous from an author’s point of view. It was disappointing to me personally not to publish the book, but a relief to be protected from signing something that I might regret later. I have decided instead to concentrate on submitting my poems in chapbook form to various poetry chapbook contests, so you’ll probably be receiving a few emails about these opportunities soon.  I thank the Lord for friends more knowledgeable than me!


India Lott was pleased to announce that she will soon have a new book out from entitled, “The Witches Familiar,” a middle-grade historical fiction novel. India read us the first few pages and it was very intriguing. I wanted to hear more! India will keep us posted as to when the book is available. Congratulations, India!


Linda Colie teased us at last month’s meeting with promises of a story about a diabolical bottle of shampoo. Well, this month, she started reading “Extra Body and Shine,” about sisters Gwen and Charlotte and their dying mother. A mysterious bottle is found called “Whimsy Shine and Luster,” so old it’s in a glass bottle. Will Gwen use it on her embarrassingly long, thin, flat hair? Will it give her the curls and gleam she longs for? Will it all rot and fall out? Or will a genie appear from its murky depths? We don’t know because the story isn’t finished. Linda is really keeping us guessing but hopefully, we’ll hear the ending in April. Get busy writing, Linda!!!


Kathleen Maxwell had good news – a friend of hers has offered her her own column in the Kerrville Daily Times! She brought us her first wonderful entry, “Abiding in the Vine and Loved by the Vinedresser.” This very Christian piece reflects the resurrection of Spring and her intimacy with the Lord. You can read it now on her blog site: We all had suggestions for the name of her column but Kathleen will figure that out and I know it will fit her perfectly. Kathleen will also be selling her book, Wake UP to Who You Are, at The Herb Farm on April 28th, from 4:30 to 6:00. I’ll be emailing out more information about that closer to the date. Congratulations, Kathleen!


Sheila Kale will be speaking this Saturday evening, at 7:00 p.m. at the Sonday House Fellowship and everyone is invited! Sheila is going to video tape her speech at this event so she can feature it on her web site and on the WOW web site, advertising herself as a Christian speaker. Sheila has seven prepared topics to speak on and for this event, has worked pieces of each speech together into a sampling of them all. It should be a wonderful evening. I will be there and hope to see all of you all, too! In the meantime, read Sheila’s latest devotionals at her blog:


Sally Clark brought some of her journal poems, “Emergency Air,” and “Remembering Michael,” that I wrote in Scott Wiggerman’s poetry class at the Johnson City writers event in February, a poem about Spring that I wrote at the monthly Johnson City writers group meeting, and a poem I called “The Mail or If I’m Not Psychic, Then My Postman Is.” I wrote this humor poem on Feb. 14th, bemoaning the change in delivery time of our daily mail delivery and correlating it to the Chilean earthquake that altered the earth’s rotational axis. I feared another change in mail delivery times would forecast another earthquake or flood and on March 11th, Japan suffered the same fate. Gives me chills! And I was only fooling! I’ve been pretty lax about posting on my poetry blog, but I do have one new entry at: I like spending time in cemeteries.


Cindy Harper brought us Chapter One, “Hallie Becomes a Silver Dealer,” from her Shadow and Coyote story collection, which shows great promise to be a complete novel. In this chapter, the seeds of mystery are planted as Hallie agrees to sell a collection of antique silver serving pieces, including a tea set, on consignment, without disclosing who the current owner is. We are all eager to hear how the mystery unfolds and hope Cindy will bring us more; she does such a great job with fiction! Thank you, Cindy!


Cindy also comes regularly to our TWiG meetings on Tuesday. I asked her if I could share this poem she wrote because I loved it so much:




At each stage of life

I have discarded articles of clothing

which no longer fit,

thinking ‘if only I could fit into that again

I would feel so good about my body’

and knowing that when I did,

I didn't.


Can you relate? Me, too!  


Other news from around the world of WOWs –


Alice Kolb emailed:  The quilt world has taken me over! Our seminars ended last Friday and in blessings, it looks like we have a buyer for the company. I've been working with those details and preparing for a teaching trip to CA. I leave Friday and return Tuesday. Next, I go to OK to babysit for 9 days, a month before the daughter's 3rd child is born. Then I'll go back in May! After that, I hope to be Alice again.”

We miss you, Alice!


Barbara Loyd has started a new blog: She says we WOWs were her inspiration! Barbara has made 3 posts so far – check it out and sign up as a follower!


Beth Smith didn’t make the meeting but she is writing lots of poetry on her blog: . My favorite is The Battle of Coffee vs. Writing.


Kelly Carper Polden’s book signing is scheduled for the LBJ National Historical Park in Stonewall, this Saturday, March 26th, from 10-2. I’ll be there and I hope you will be too! It will be so good to see Kelly again.


Liz Brookshire has been coming to our TWiG meetings but she will miss the next two WOW meetings. She will be in Houston, babysitting her new granddaughter, Katherine Elizabeth, while her daughter returns to her teaching job. While she is away, though, she plans to stay active in the TWiG group by emailing her poems to me to read.


Liz Eberle has been having a lot of health issues lately and is hopeful to have finally found relief. A new internist in town diagnosed Liz with a very bad infection in her esophagus and put her on a 10 day round of antibiotics. After two days, Liz reports she is already feeling better and is making plans to visit her son’s family in Kentucky the first week in April. By the way, if you are ever curious about what Liz does while she brushes her teeth, check out her blog: and don’t be surprised by her inventiveness! (I wonder if she’ll keep this up after Lent?)


We’ve been missing Megan Willome at TWiG and at WOW. She’s been recovering from shingles. Check out Megan’s Sabbath Says blog at: and you will see her honest soul come shining through.


Mary Eckert wasn’t at the meeting but she also will be at The Herb Farm on April 28th, from 4:30 t0 6:00 p.m., to sell her book, Where Was God When I Cried.


Pam Perrin couldn’t make it – her daughter had her first gymnastics class – but she’ll see us next month. Pam has been coming to the TWiG meetings.


Sheila Barnette wrote: I fully intended to be there tomorrow night, but fell this morning at church full out on cement, hitting my head and pulling every muscle in my body, I think.  If it's not better tomorrow, I may have to go to the doctor for xrays.  So.... I won't be there tomorrow night. I will miss you gals!”


And then today (Thursday), Sheila wrote: “I did go to the doctor - twice.  I managed to break 4 ribs on the left and perhaps one on the right, but they didn't x-ray that side.  They just tell me to rest and take pain meds and don't lift heavy things.  I have a purple forehead and 2 black eyes.  Oh well. I know I missed a good meeting.” Bless you, Sheila! We all pray for your complete healing!


We will celebrate two birthdays (that I know of) in April:

Lorraine McVey on April 14th

and Aimee Martin on April 21st  


Be sure to keep up with any pending submission deadlines at:


Until then, whatever happens, write about it!


Love, Sally

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