So much news! So much news! Six members of the Hill Country Women of Words met on Monday night, May 17th. Our small number allowed us to relax and expand and even get home before the night’s storm hit.

We had a guest and new member in our group – welcome Pam Perrin! Linda Colie met her in the locker room at the Wellness Center and invited her to come on down! Pam has two children, a boy 7 and a girl 9 who go to St. Mary’s and she likes to write for children. She brought along one of her children’s pieces to share with us called “The Tiny Lamb,” the story of an adorable little lamb named Simon. Beautifully written and wonderful for small children, Pam has read this before to her children’s Sunday school classes. She even had props of tiny plastic lambs, which I’m sure the children love. We look forward to getting to know Pam better and hearing many more of her stories! Her email is

Linda Colie says she may not be moving until August, so we will plan to meet at Highland Oaks in June. Linda brought us a macabre untitled little tale about old, arthritic Deckland, his son Vernon, and Deckland’s fiancée, Gracie. Linda asked us to help her with the title, so we suggested, “What My Father Dug Up.” Let’s just say the ending has a definite Twlight Zone feel to it! You will be sorry that you missed this story from Linda. Email and ask her to send it to you at Her writing versatility is amazing!

Sally Clark brought five poems she submitted to Robert Lee Brewer’s April Poem-a-Day challenge entitled, “Partly Married,” “Getting Ready for Work,” “The Last Woman I Saw Wearing Curlers in Public,” “At Thirteen,” and “Gym Class.” I also brought three poems I submitted to the Abilene Writers Guild monthly contest on the theme of School Daze: “Fast Learners,” “Quick Silver,” and “Fish School” and one poem-in-progress I call, “The Widow’s Mite.” I also brought along the article that Bambi Haley asked me to write for the Johnson City Record Courier that I titled, “Writer’s Batteries Re-charged at Local Writer’s Event.” That was a new experience for me but I requested quotes from the writers who were there and the article practically wrote itself!

For any of you who may have missed it, The Fredericksburg Poems deadline is extended

to June 15th and we are now accepting short essays of up to 500 words.

See for more details.

Liz Eberle was at the meeting but had nothing to read, as she had just driven in from Kerrville and came because she felt she needed some “face time.” We are soooooo glad she did!!! We really do miss her face when she is not there!!!! Liz has been inspired since the Johnson City Writer’s Event and has posted three entries on her blog since the event. Catch up with Liz’s heart and her stories at:

Megan Willome was at the meeting but had nothing to read, as she was working to meet a deadline for the Wacoan, but Megan has been coming to TWiG on Tuesdays. If you would like to know what’s going on in her life and her heart, check out her blog:

Dena Dyer was at the meeting with good news and bad news. You should have gotten an email by now about her first good news – Dena is offering two writing classes through Community Ed in July – one on how to write book proposals and another on social networking (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc) which is also a great course for anybody who wants to sell over the web. And they’re only $25 each!! Check out the details in the Community Ed flyer that came in the mail or email me. Dena’s other good news is that she’s having a book signing at The Closer Walk on June 5 at 10:00 for her newest book from Barbour House Books, Let The Laugh Lines and Wrinkles Come! I will send out more information about the book signing next week.

And now for Dena’s sad news, well, sad for us. She and Cary are moving to Amarillo on July 20, the day after our July WOW meeting (which will also be a celebration of our 9th anniversary as a group). Cary is longing to make a career change and become a Speech Pathologist, specializing in helping vocal performers. I bet he will be wonderful at that considering his experience on the stage. They chose Amarillo because the university there had a Speech Pathology program and because it is only one hour away from Dena’s parent’s ranch and her brother and sister-in-law live in Amarillo. “We’ve never lived this close to family,” Dena says and she is very excited and happy but very sad to be leaving us. I told her, “You will have to start your own WOW group in Amarillo” and I hope she will. Thank goodness for email - Dena will always be a part of our group! Dena has another goal in Amarillo, too – she would love to get her MFA in Creative Writing and teach at the college level! I hope all her dreams come true and wish her every blessing. She certainly has been a blessing to us.

Seven WOW members attended the Johnson City Writer’s Event – Cindy Harper, Alice Kolb, Sally Clark, Liz Eberle, Sheila Kale, Sheila Barnette (and her husband, George), and Linda Colie.




We had a wonderful time, were very well fed, and were totally inspired!!! I will send out a copy of my article as soon as it is published. There will be another Johnson City event in January, so make plans to attend now!

News from around the group includes:

Aimee Martin sold a story to Extraordinary Answers to Prayer: In Time of Need. It should be out soon. I hope you had a chance to read her story attached to the email I sent out. It is chilling. Aimee is coming most Tuesdays to the TWiG group.

Alice Kolb was on a 3 day teaching trip and writes, “Remember the Dead of Winter story? I did owe Amy, the editor $5.00 and of course, offered to pay her. Instead, she wrote and asked if she could use my quote about her critique of my article. That was nice. And one of my queries (another garment article)--received email from the editor saying she was changing jobs and my proposal would be passed on. Think I better find another market.” Keep up with Alice at her new blog:

Cindy Harper says, “Please tell everyone, until I end my two-day-a-week tenure working at a Chase branch in New Braunfels to help them thru a time of transition, I won't be able to make many WOW Mondays.  (Monday is one of my NB days.)  That will probably end within a month, so I should be back soon.  Sorry to miss everyone!”   Cindy has written one new devotional since the writer’s event and sent it out on email. I hope you all got one. If not and you’d like to read it, drop Cindy an email at and ask her.

Mary Eckert had another book signing with Peaches Evans at the Fredericksburg Art Gallery on Saturday, but I wasn’t able to attend. Mary says, Wish I could be there tonight. Still have our 6 year old grandson with us. His Mom has been up in Arkansas for the last week looking for work so they can move back up there when school is out. During the last week our grandson has been sick and at home here. He just started back to school today and for the rest of the week the doctor has restricted him to half days only.  Mom won't be back until tomorrow so I have to be here. Miss you guys...Tell everyone hello...Thanks so much for the e-mails and up-dates on everyone. Blessings to all...Love Mary

Sheila Kale was in San Antonio, celebrating a granddaughter’s birthday with her husband, Steven.

Rebecca McCright hopes she can make it next month, but I know she will be very busy getting ready for her teachers retreat in July. Watch your emails for more information about this event.

Liz Brookshire missed the meeting, but sent a message: “I’m sorry I missed last night. I needed to go out to the ranch with Don. We had some damage to our barn several weeks ago and had a contractor coming out to see about replacing it. Hope you had a good turnout. I look forward to being there in June.”

And Kathleen Maxwell sent her regrets that she could not attend.

For those of you who remember Karen Eby, a wonderful Christian writer from Medina, TX, she and Sandy Reitz are planning a retreat called “Thirsty Women’s Gathering” at The Haven River Inn in Comfort, TX, July 27th and 28th. I’ll be sending out an email about this event soon.

There are no June birthdays that I am aware of….please let me know if I have overlooked anybody!!!

And if you have any questions about upcoming submission deadlines, check the list at

Until next month, I wish you all many words and the time to write them down! Love, Sally

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