The Hill Country Women of Words May, 2012 meeting was full of mystery – mystery writing, that is, as we welcomed back our dear friend, Ginny Bain! Ginny is retired now and ready to start writing her wonderful mysteries again. We are so happy!!


Valerie Gaumont has started a new mystery book, Shadows on the Wall, and she brought us Chapter One. Have you ever slept so hard, you woke up not knowing where you were? Valerie’s heroine doesn’t know where she is or who she is or who to trust. If she really is Ellie Danson, like the smiling lady at her door insists she is, why does she have this burning feeling that everything around her is a lie? We want more of this story, Valerie, please!!!


Betty Mucha read us a sci-fi story, “Portals of the Sun.” Skyla Parker takes off on a spaceship flight to Havetti, but deep inside her brain, an alien resides, a clone of The Perfect One. Two minds in one brain, two lives in one body, a mixture of experiences and emotions. Will they battle or learn to co-exist in order to survive? And where the heck is Havetti, anyway? We want more of this story, Betty, please!!!


Ginny Bain attended the fiction writing class that Lianne Mercer taught through Community Ed in April. She brought us the last assignment she wrote for that class, “In Search of my Muse.” In the hunt for her muse, Ginny discovers her troublesome neighbor’s dead body stretched out cold on her garage floor with her yapping shih-tzu stuck in the doggie door. Suddenly Ginny has inspiration – a crime scene investigator! We want the rest of this story, Ginny, please!!!


See now why I said the evening was full of mystery?


Vici Wray is working on a proposal for her Adventures at Camp Grandma book and she brought us a cover letter, a query letter, and a chapter outline and asked for suggestions from the group. I hope we helped her. Honestly, Vici has got an amazing book under her belt that the right publisher will jump at. I hope we can help her find them!


Sheri Pattillo brought us three poems, “Panel Interview,” “Sleep of the Innocent,” and “Shaky Ground.” Wonderful images of “on the firing line,” “howling wind,” and “grasping for handles.” Life is tenuous, isn’t it? Thank you, Sheri, for sharing these with us.


Linda Colie brought us a birthday card she drew for her sister, Chris, and read us the poem she wrote to go inside, “Calico Squares.” Chris makes fabric dolls and Linda has sketched a beautiful picture of them for her card. The poem fits the drawing perfectly. Linda is still working on illustrations for her friend, Julie Smith’s, book, Tales From the Hill Country, about mice living on the Heart and Star Ranch. Linda has the mock-up of Julie’s book to work from and her pictures of these adorable mice and their adventures are perfect. They put me in mind of Beatrix Potter’s wonderful illustrations. Linda is really, really talented!


Sheila Kale has been traveling. Sheila has been driving to Austin for classes in being a Life Coach, a new adventure and skill for her. She already has two clients. In between classes, she spent a week in Dallas with her daughter and grandchildren (number five is on the way and it’s a girl!). Sheila and her friend and fellow life coach, Lorrie Hess, are having a seminar, “Refresh Your Spirit, Renew Your Life,” on Saturday, June 9th, from 9-4, at the Hampton Inn here in Fbg. The cost is $65 before May 31 and $75 after May. The focus of the seminar is to learn how to make time for what matters most. Become really clear about what both your head and heart truly want in life. Discover how to say “No” to unwanted stuff so you can say “Yes” to what’s most important to you. I’ll be sending out a separate email in the next few days about it.


Sally Clark brought eight poems and one haiku, “Cats,” “The Dairy Queen,” “A Poem Beneath My Wings,” “Emergency Room,” “She Had it Coming,” “Perched,” “Slanted,” “Yellow Glads,” and “buffalos at rest.” Thank you, everybody, for your help on these poems. Some were about my mom. It has been a difficult time for us all moving her into Windcrest Nursing Home. I hope I’ll be able to write through this experience. I also brought my copy of Uncle John’s Flush Fiction, a new humor anthology that features my story, “Milk Jug Garden.” And I was able to report that to date, my total earnings from Dancing With Bear Publishing for my book, Upon a Midnight Clear, are $12.10 for the first quarter of 2012. Not exactly a windfall!


From around the world of WOWs –


On April 25th, Barbara Loyd emailed me to say: “Paul sold his company 3 weeks ago. He is in F now doing some chores around the house. We will be moving back in the next several weeks. Lots of sorting to do here; it's unbelievable how much accumulates in only 4 years!” It will be so good to have Barbara back!


Beth Smith is posting on her blog,, about the difficult circumstances of her life right now and the shelter of prayer. Take a look.


Also on April 25th, Dena Dyer posted on her blog: Well, it is official. When school is out, the Dyers are moving back to Granbury (HOME!) so Carey can fulfill God's call as Minister of Music and Worshp at Lakeside Baptist Church. It is bittersweet to leave our jobs, my wonderful parents and bro/sis-in-law/kids, and the friends we've made here but we're thrilled that God is bringing us back to a place we've always loved, with people who are truly family. The center of His will is the best place to be!!!” Dena will be closer to us, only 3 hours away, when she is back in Granbury and maybe she will come to visit us!!


Kathleen Maxwell is posting on her blog,, that her youngest son is graduated from college with a degree in petroleum engineering (my dad’s field!) and that she has a wonderful new man in her life. Sounds like she has been really busy but maybe she’ll visit us again sometime.


Liz Brookshire just returned from a week in Hawaii with her husband celebrating their 40th anniversary. Congratulations, Liz and Don! We’re glad you’re back!


Mary Eckert says: “Lots going on this week. Will not be able to make the meeting tonight. Sorry. Tell everyone hello. Blessings MaryWe all understand that, Mary.


Megan Willome has been posting on her blog,, some beautiful photos and poems from her week in Ireland. I’ve enjoyed them so much! Megan comes to TWiG on Tuesdays.


Pam Perrin has been coming to TWiG on Tuesdays, also, but couldn’t make to WOW. She writes: “I'm not going to be able to go tonight because I need to help Sache study for her math final ( yay! My favorite subject)” We sympathize with you, Pam, and miss you!


Sheila Barnette emailed me to say: “I am not going to be there tonight as I have been fighting a virus of some sort and feel really dragged out.  I know you'll all have a great time and I hate to miss.” Get well soon, Sheila.


Remember to check to keep up with current submission deadline dates.


I don’t have any birthdays listed from now until the June meeting but if I’ve missed your birthday, please let me know.


Until then, whatever it is, write about it!  


Love, Sally

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