At the May meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words we got a bit of a late start, but the stories we read were well worth the wait!


Since we were under a tornado warning and some of our members have a long drive, we decided to skip Valerie’s writing exercise and do it for homework, so here is your assignment (should you decide to accept it): “A flame darted from the logs to the spill of paper.” Write for 15 minutes, without editing, just stream of consciousness and bring it to the June meeting.


Vici Wray knows that if her book, Adventures at Camp Grandma, is accepted for publication, she will likely need written permission from various artists to quote from their songs so she has written a letter to Christian singer, Carman, explaining her project and asking for his permission. In the letter, Vici thanked him for his tremendous influence on herself and her family. Her letter is warm and personal. I hope she hears back from Carman soon --- please keep us informed, Vici!


Linda Colie didn’t bring anything to read this time. Linda says she has started several stories in her head in the past month but has been too tired to get any of them down on paper. Please pray for Linda’s health. She really is struggling right now.


Valerie Gaumont brought us Chapter Nine of Miss Crissy’s Cooking School for Young Ladies. This chapter changes pace a bit from the previous chapter and is really funny! We laughed and laughed. On May 10th, in Johnson City, the Last Chance Players did a radio performance of Valerie’s chapter 17 from the same book. She said the response from the audience was great but the hail on a metal roof made it hard to hear the performers. We had hail in Fredericksburg the night before, the 9th, and Johnson City got it the next night. Well, at least it rained!


Lynn Harris said she had a slow day at work one day. As she was looking at one of the pictures on the wall of the restaurant, she started a story about Marsha and Marvin’s first date. The details of the interior of Marsha’s house were wonderful! It all made sense when Lynn explained that it was her own house. It was such a good piece but it’s not finished because her shift ended and she went home. Lynn had some hard news to share with us – her doctors have discovered that her crushing headaches are caused by two brain tumors. She is waiting for an appointment with a neurosurgeon in San Antonio. She also needs another surgery on her foot, which is still in a walking cast. Please pray for Lynn. She has many hurdles ahead of her and her children do not live close by.


Sally Clark brought Chapter Five of her Christmas novella, The Art of Christmas. Thank you, everybody, for your comments, advice, and encouragement. The post man was busy at my house this past month delivering copies of five different books/anthologies/journals that feature my stories or poems. I brought my copies to show the group: a little-bity book compiled by June Cotner called Gratitude Prayers: Prayers, Poems, and Prose for Everyday Thankfulness, published by Andrews McMeel; Trusting Him with Your Addicted Child, an anthology compiled by Charlotte Holt which she has self-published; Blue Mountain Arts anthology, The Peace Within You: Calming Thoughts to Help You Slow Down, Let Go, and Discover Your Inner Joy (I believe the Cracker Barrel in Kerrville will carry this book); Dos Gatos Press haiku anthology, Lifting the Sky: Southwestern Haiku & Haiga; and Bacopa: A Literary Review published by the Writers Alliance of Gainesville, Florida. What fun it is for me to have y’all to share these with!!!


Sheila Kale will soon be sending out an email advertising a life coaching class she is going to teach through Community Ed on June 20th (I think that’s the right date), from 6:30 to 8:30. When she sends the email out, I will forward it to you all, just in case some of you are not on Sheila’s email list. Sheila also brought us a paper she plans to publish as a pamphlet on her web site called “Clarifying Your Vision.” It was very interesting and we helped her tighten it up a bit.


Karen Vanek didn’t have anything to read to us but she came just to hear our words and to be inspired! Thank you, Karen, for coming! Karen recently participated in a panel discussion at a writers meeting in Houston and spoke on helping teachers self-publish their works. We are so lucky to have Karen in our group!


News from the world of WOWs:


After the awful tornado destruction in Oklahoma City, I remembered that Alice Kolb’s daughter and her family live in OKC so I emailed Alice to ask how they were. Here is her reply: “THANKS AND PRAISE GOD, she and family are fine. They actually live about 20 miles north. Moore is the first town at the south side of OKC; Edmond (their location) is about the last town on north side of OKC (it had a slight?? tornado yesterday.)... I'm finally writing again-- a memoir cookbook. Look forward to seeing you soon.”


Barbara Loyd lives in OK but in Tulsa, not OKC. I emailed her yesterday and have not heard back from her yet but she is posting on Facebook so I think she’s OK. Barbara submitted a toast to June Cotner for her gift book, TOASTS!, and has received a preliminary acceptance. She writes that she received “...a maybe, for the toast I sent which was hand-written by my mother. I found it in one of her books. I hope it makes it.” I hope so, too, Barbara! You can read Barbara’s latest post on her artist’s blog, “Music and Color Connection” at:


Dorothy Leyendecker, our Florida member, has had a story published in Good Old Days Magazine entitled “A Mother’s Decision: Would she send her daughter to an orphanage?” Wow! What a great story! Dorothy sent me a copy and I read at the WOW meeting. It was so good, I have scanned it and will send it out as a separate email for everybody to read. 


Liz Brookshire emailed to let me know she couldn’t make it to the meeting. She wrote: “I won’t be at WOW tomorrow night.  It’s our wedding anniversary so spending it with Don.  I’ll see you in June.”


Pam Perrin is coming to the TWiG meetings on Tuesdays but for this meeting she wrote: “I will miss again. Sache has her academic awards tonight. Maybe next month.”


Sheila Barnette in Johnson City has a scheduling conflict with our meeting and writes:Maybe someday I will get a break and come. Once in a while we cancel a meeting for some reason. Not often, but if we do, I'll be sure to try and be there. I really miss the inspiration!  Please tell everyone I said hello. I enjoy keeping up through your newsy meeting updates.” I miss her!


We have no birthdays in our group before the next meeting.


Remember to check to keep up with current submission deadlines.


Until then, keep writing!!! Love, Sally

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