We had a great turnout for the May Hill Country Women of Words monthly meeting. Thank you everybody who attended!
Sally Clark started off the meeting with copies of query letter guidelines from literary agent Jeanie Loiacono. Ms. Loiacono is the agent who will be speaking at the Fredericksburg Writers Conference on November 2 and 3rd. I also had copies of the query letter I will be submitting to Ms. Loiacono so everybody could see how it was tailored to her guidelines and also help me with tyops, etc. Next week at TWiG, I’ll bring the guidelines for a synopsis and my synopsis to her so everyone can see that.
Barbara Loyd brought us a story called “Scary Merriment.” It was such a colorful piece and inspired us all to pay more attention to our dreams. They may be trying to tell us something or at least, give us ideas for a good story! “My eyes feasted on lavish costumes on the surrounding merry makers. Many dressed in striped and patterned garments. We felt as if we had known these folks forever . . . the paisley carpeted room began to sway beneath my feet . . . ”
Linda Christensen’s article, “Recovery and Courage,” has been published in Purpose Magazine and Linda has her contributor’s copy now. Linda brought us a story to read, “Our Space,” which almost made me cry! It was not a true story, but it could be. “Another night passes. Medication brings deep sleep and I wake very much aware of a lapse in my watch for him . . . “
Connie Arlitt is working on structuring her writing so she will feel comfortable bringing it to us to read. I’m eager to read Connie’s words!
Andrea Culpepper brought copies of her poem, “Don’t Tell Me My Hair Looks Nice” and I think there might should be an exclamation point in the title after “Nice!” “Where is your courage?/ Where is your love?/ If you can’t be brave, or kind/ Just don’t lie/ and tell me my hair looks nice/ if it doesn’t.” I never will, Andrea. I promise.
Judith Rost brought a lovely essay she’s written called “Loving Hands Sewing Ministry” about the sewing ministry at her church, Oak Hill Community Church. This wonderful group called “Threads of Love” has grown to be a sewing/prayer ministry. “. . . to be sisters to each other by listening and praying for their needs as well as the needs of others and take time to sew for the hospital and nursing homes.”
Paula Bramlett brought us a poem called “Happy Garden, Grow Inside of Me,” that inspired us all. “Seed me with unreasonable mercy and water my depths with cleansing tears. . .” Such a beautiful poem.
Lynn Harris read us a chapter titled “Leticia.” Leticia details cars for Enrique. She is Jerome and Gladys’ daughter and she is overwhelmed with gratitude. Leticia is such a warm, caring spirit.
Bobbi Grimmer read more of her Mom-oirs. We heard how she became an LVN and heard some of her trials working as an elementary school nurse. Man, that was a challenge!

Hope to see you soon!
Love, Sally 

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