Brookshire, Elisabeth - writes history, poetry and personal memoir.

Christensen, Linda - Linda has been a member of Women of Words for several years. She says that membership in WOW has helped her become a better writer, as well as gaining some special friends.  

Clark, Sally - writes poetry for children and for adults, as well as creative nonfiction in anthologies.

Dyer, Dena - writing and speaking on deep topics with a lighter touch for busy moms and Christian women.

Eberle, Liz Hoyt - a published writer not intimidated by her seventy-seven birthdays.

Eckert, Mary - writes biography, humor, Christian fiction, and poetry

Gaumont, Valerie - writes contemporary sci-fi and fantasy novels 

Grimmer, Bobbi - writes Christian poetry, fiction, and nonfiction

Harper, Cindy - writes poetry, creative nonfiction, and Christian romance

Harris, Lynn - writes Christian westerns and contemporary fiction

Jones, Katy - prolific children's writer, picture books, middle grade, young adult

Kale, Sheila Sattler -former Christian book store owner, speaker, and writer of devotionals and creative nonfiction.

Kolb, Alice - writes how-to's about needlework, women's stories, quilt history.

Loyd, Barbara Boothe - writer, studio artist, and poet. Barbara finds inspiration wherever God moves her in His world.

McCright, Rebecca - publishes newsletter for Christian teachers working in the public school system

Pattillo, Sheri - wine expert, poet, and blogger

Rogers, Sylvia - creative children's writer and blogger

Vanek, Karen - author of children's picture book "Santa Claus Meets the Tooth Fairy"

Willome, Megan - writes her own column and feature articles in the Wacoan, also writes poetry, creative nonficiton, and children's.

Wray, Vici - come on along for a Camp Grandma adventure in skits and songs!





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