The February meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words started off with a change of venue. Our normal room at Chase Bank was unavailable, so at the last minute, we headed to 208 W. Travis. That is the address of my daughter’s B&B. Since it was empty, and it was right across the street from my house, we met there. It worked out great. It’s nice to have a back-up.
Andrea Culpepper brought us two rhyming poems she wrote, “Anger” and “Why Trust Me With This Little One.” They were both very vulnerable, deep poems. Good job, Andrea.
Barbara Loyd read us a poem she wrote called “Elizabethan Couple” about William and Anne Shakespeare. We all learned a few interesting facts we didn’t know before.
Bobbi Grimmer read us more of her memoirs or her “mom-oirs” as her son calls them. This time we were in stitches laughing at her incident in Libya, during the reign of Omar Gaddafi. Bobbi dared to walk home from the library without a male escort. I will always remember “How much? How much?”  You better ask her for the details!
Judith Rost brought us a copy of what she has written as the back material for her book, No Reasonable Doubt. This is a skill every novel writer has to master. Judith did well with hers.
Linda Christensen brought us an edited copy of what she brought last week at TWiG, a new book she is writing in the voice of Mary of Nazareth, mother of Jesus. Linda has done a bucket load of research about Mary and we are all learning from her. So nice that we don’t have to do the work - Linda does it for us. Good job, Linda.
Lynn Harris read us a story about Hope and Brian moving into her Aunt Hattie’s house in Oklahoma City. I don’t believe we have heard anything about these two particular characters. Lynn has written so many books. She’s amazing.
Paula Bramlett is still working on her story about Sacagawea. She read to us from the chapter where she and Otter Woman have been won by a French trader in a card game and they must follow him to his camp.
Lesley Boyer had intended to bring us an edited version of the story she read the last time she was at TWiG, but she got mixed up and brought us the original. I’m glad everyone else got to hear it. It is a gripping story and should certainly be published somewhere. I’m glad Lesley is working on it.
Sheila Kale, Sally Clark, and Shelley Burkhalter were all there, but had nothing to read. We just came to listen and contribute and we did a good job of that!
Happy Writing to All!
Love, Sally

Figurines used in the above photo is Willow Tree ® sculpture "Sisters by Heart" by Susan Lordi.

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