There were no sirens to announce us, but we were thrilled to be at our new meeting location in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Building for our October meeting. It is well lit with plenty of chairs and tables, an ice machine, a soda machine, a microwave, and handicapped bathrooms. All in all, we are pleased with our new “digs” and especially happy that it is free!


The following is an unpaid commercial announcement

from our fearless leader, Liz Eberle:

A Few Words to our Pencils!!

1.     Do you avoid climbing out of your comfort zone?

2.     Do your loved ones and jobs control your life?

3.     Do you snuggle easily into cozy RUTS?

4.     Do you crave more writing time?

5.     Do you enjoy paralysis?

6.     Can WOW cure ALL your writing ailments?


             Each WOW member writes for different reasons, but all of us gather with other Women of Words to nurture our souls and sharpen our craft.

            Because weaving words together is always an exciting adventure at Hill Country Women of Words, we’ll take a small detour at our next meeting to perk up any tired brains that might lurk behind our computer screens.

            On November 15, for a few minutes before our usual read and critique time, Liz Eberle will facilitate a quick trip across uncharted territory to expand our writing skills and hone our thinking wits in a short mini-lesson on “Let Your Pencil Write.” We plan to follow this format loosely and adjust it as we need to:

5:30-6:00 = eat and visit

6:00-7:00 = "Let Your Pencil Write"

7:00-9:00 = read and critique 

             Bring a pad and pencil to the November meeting along with your usual ten copies of anything you’ve written for critique (up to 1,500 words) and some snack food. Let’s attack this tiny challenge together!!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled newsletter:


Lorraine McVey brought us two stories. One was entitled “Let’s Ride Bikes!” about how her husband taught her how to ride a motorcycle. All went well until Lorraine got tired of being a “bike ornament” and decided to strike out on her own down the long, lonesome driveway. Lorraine plans to submit this story to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Young at Heart and it sounds like a perfect fit! Lorraine’s other story was a fiction piece called “Thanksgiving? Why?” that she wants to submit to the SouthWest Writers Quarterly Fiction Contest. Way to go, Lorraine! You are really taking the ball and running with it! We are proud of you!


Linda Colie brought us three illustrated poems. The first one, I called “Dora,” was about her sister Chris’ dog, a real scarfer. Linda had drawings of Dora and her dog, Punkin. The second poem I called “Guard Dog,” and was about Dora and Linda. The third poem was a drawing of an elephant with the poem written inside and it was wonderful! I thought it would have been perfect for a children’s book or magazine. Linda is so talented, we never know what she is going to surprise us with next. Thank you, Linda!


Liz Brookshire brought us some poems she wrote for our Tuesday TWiG group where we are studying a book called Poemcrazy. All participants agree that this study has been worthwhile but for Liz, it has “stirred up fresh words” and filled her with new poems to share with us all. Her second poem was “Oh, to be a Leaf” and it was wonderful. Thank you, Liz!


Megan Willome is also participating in our Poemcrazy study but she did not bring anything to share with us this night. Megan has been busy editing the Wacoan this week and that always takes priority (it’s a real job!) Be sure to keep up with Megan’s blog: Her poetry and posts are deep, funny, warm, and sincere, just like Megan!


Sheila Barnette was with us and brought another part of her book about her mother’s diary and her father’s letters home from WWII. Curly, Sheila’s dad, writes from basic training camp to his “dear hearts at home” and memorizes her mother’s letters to him. Their daughter Jill sends her love to her daddy, “from the wall up to the sky.” If I didn’t know that Curly survives the war, I could not stand it! He goes on to become a “sniper clean-out specialist” and is wounded twice fighting in France. What a wonderful, poignant story, Sheila!!! We are all full of publishing ideas and determined to see this one in print! My husband will love it! Sheila was also gracious enough to invite us to meet at her house in Johnson City (really close to Sandy) sometime. We decided it sounded like a fun field trip and will take her up on it in the spring.


Sheila Kale was with us. She didn’t bring anything but you can read her latest devotionals on her web site: Sign up for her email list and get them delivered to you!


Liz Eberle brought us a lovely little exercise writing called “The Plain Brown Box,” one version she wrote in Jan., 2003 and the second one in Oct., 2010. It was interesting to see how Liz’s writing has grown and changed in seven years. She inspired and encouraged us to participate in her newest venture of teaching “Let’s Your Pencil Write” from 6-7 during our regular meeting time. (see commercial above) Liz also has new web and blog sites. Check them out at – and


Cindy Harper brought us three poems, “The Better Half of Me,” “Shadow and Coyote,” and “Spirit Brother.” Cindy wrote all three of these poems for our Poemcrazy class and they are outstanding! Cindy’s written several other poems along this same theme, which really spoke to her, and she may be on her way to a chapbook. If she does, I think she should try submitting to Laughing Cactus Press, an imprint of Silver Boomer Books. Thank you for sharing them with us, Cindy, and bring us more!


Sally Clark brought four poems: “A Watched Pot” which I wrote for a contest called “Let the Thing Speak;” “Neighborhood Dogs,” which everybody agreed (including me!) needs more work; “Aloha-Oe” and “As Peaceful As” which I wrote for our Poemcrazy group. I also talked a bit about speaking at Abilene Writers Guild and have agreed to speak at the San Antonio Writers Guild in May of 2011. I have a new email address: but the auslande address will also continue to work.


Dena Dyer emailed me on September 30th to say: “I am at Laity Lodge on a High Calling retreat and got to go on a Twitter scavenger hunt yesterday with guess who? Ann Voskamp! It's so fun to meet her--and the other HC staffers--in person!” If you don’t know who Ann Voskamp is, check out her blog at and prepared to be blown away!


Judy Koch and Kathleen Maxwell both emailed their regrets at not being able to attend. Alice Kolb is babysitting for her daughter in Colorado.


Melissa Feagins emailed that she wanted to join us but had “mucho homework to do.”


Katy Jones writes: “I still hope I can get back with you ladies before too long.  The Hill Country will be represented in Houston this weekend at the giant "get out the vote" rally!  (The Young Patriots Fife & Drum Corps--I'm the only old one; the rest are ages 6-19!”


Do y’all realize that we have three Kerrville members now? I wish they could all ride over together sometime and get to know each other.


Mary Eckert writes: “Wish I could make it...but something has come up...Will see you guys next month. Blessings to all and have a great time at the new meeting place. I'm busy writing. Have completed first draft four chapters of new story....woo hoo! Mary”


Pam Perrin has been a regular at our TWiG meetings but writes: “I will have to skip tonight. I was very busy last week with a painting project that I was working on for a fundraiser this past Saturday and my family is feeling a bit abandoned. I will see y'all next month!” We all understand that situation, Pam!


Our next meeting will be on November 15th, at the EMS Bldg., at 5:30 p.m.


We have three November birthdays: Sally Clark – Nov. 5

                                                        Karen Greathouse – Nov. 5

                                                        Sheila Barnett – Nov. 26


Many thanks to Liz Eberle for creating our new WOW Address Lists attached to this newsletter. One is in alphabetical order and the second one is chronological by birthdays. Please take a few minutes to download, check, and save these lists. If you see anything that needs to be corrected, let Liz know at and she will make the corrections. Thank you, Liz!!!!!


Don’t forget – an updated submissions list with web links is always available at

 The cooler weather inspires me to take long walks and get new ideas! I hope it does the same for you…..Love, Sally

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