The October meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words was an evening of cool breezes and wonderful words! We had a large group for this meeting and it was great to see so many faces and hear so many stories. 

Mary Eckert started us off with a writing exercise. Mary gave each one of us a slip of paper with one word written on it, a word from the Bible, a fruit of the spirit or an attribute of God. Our assignment was to write a sentence, paragraph, poem, or very short story about the word without using it. We wrote for about 12 minutes, then when we read our piece, the group tried to guess what word we were writing about. It was a great exercise in “show, don’t tell” and everybody had a fun with it. Some were short and some were sweet but we guessed them all.


Rachel Griffith started us off with a personal writing of her own. After some time away from God, Rachel renewed her relationship with the Lord and wrote this intimate letter to praise and thank him. Thank you, Rachel, for sharing it with us.


Sharise Griffith had a short October writing to share with us. Linda Colie had invited us each to write something about October, her favorite month, and it was great to hear how many had responded. I know that Sharise is still working on her tabernacle writings. Mary Eckert is helping her with them. We would love to hear your work-in-progress, Sharise, anytime you want to share them!


Vickie Wray had a wonderful October fiction story, in a WWII setting, called “Once Upon an October,” about a coffee plant here in the states. A tin shortage threatens to close down the plant, which has always packaged their coffee in tin cans. One woman comes up with a solution – how about glass jars? Hooray! Honestly, this story sounded like true history more than fiction, Vickie did such an outstanding job with it! Thanks, Vickie!


Barbara Loyd, our temporarily-living-in-Tulsa member, sent me seven wonderful fall/autumn/October poems to share with the group and Mary Eckert was kind enough to read them: “October,” “The Moon,” “Days the Color of Rembrandt’s Light,” “September,” “A Man,” “Chrysanthemums,” and “Autumn Confetti.” We especially enjoyed Barbara’s colorful and artistic images. Thanks for sending them, Barbara! And be sure to read Barbara’s blog, for some fascinating information on color – very inspiring!


Sheri Pattillo wrote eight October haiku/senryu, all wonderful, and two short, four-line October poems entitled, “Swoosh,” and “Octobrrrrr.” Sheri also brought us two longer poems, “The Autumn of my Discontent,” and “I Can’t Hear You.” We love Sheri’s poetry and look forward to it every month but if you come to TWiG, you can hear more of her lovely words as she comes to TWiG twice a month. Thank you, Sheri!


Sheila Barnette wrote two wonderful short pieces, “Candy Dreams,” about sugar heaven, and “Young October,” both very poetic and fun. I loved the Candy Dreams piece! Thank you, Sheila.


Lizzie Brookshire wrote a short memoir called “The Coin Purse,” about the memories she has attached to her mother’s coin purse sitting above her kitchen sink. It gives her a close feeling with her mother when she is working in her kitchen and some wonderful, warm memories. Funny how it’s the little, everyday things that bring back the clearest memories. Thank you, Lizzie!


And here’s a treat – Lizzie Brookshire is giving a series of talks about Gillespie County history at Heritage Place Assisted Living Center called Talks With Liz. I was lucky enough to

hear her talk today. I will keep everybody posted about her next talk on November 16th. Plan to attend, if you can. You won’t be sorry – Liz is very interesting!!


Sally Clark brought copies of the new book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Tough Times in which Sally’s story, “Resurrection Faith,” appears. I have copies of this book available for sale for $10, if anybody is interested, just let me know. I also brought a selection of October poems: “Haunted House,” “Life Without Air Conditioning,” “Confessions From the Chair,” “A Bruised Reed,” and “October Morning.” Thank you, everybody, for listening!


Betty Mucha brought us a wonderfully spooky tale called simply, “Ghost” that chilled my bones! The heroine and her horse, Aladdin, are out for a ride when they spy a tall man in a dark purple garment and sandals who dissolves into nothing at the edge of the woods. It really is a great story, Betty! You should enter it in a contest! Thank you!


Liz Eberle wrote on the theme, also, a piece called “Two Octobers” reflecting the changes in the landscape in October and the celebrations that follow in November and December compared to the changes in this “October” stage of her life, when she is gathering in her crops of thankfulness and awaiting the joyful celebration to come in her own December, her “real beginning.” Thank you, Liz, for lifting our spirits and giving us joy!!! Be sure to check Liz’s blog, for more of her wonderful words.


Linda Colie had nothing written to share with us but she did bring a portfolio of sketches and drawings that she plans to use for greeting cards. They were wonderful! I loved her birthday cake lady with a cake on top of her head and birthday candles edging her side mirrors! Linda is so talented. I love seeing or hearing her work! Thank you, Linda!


Sheila Kale has been hard at work on her new web site, and it is so interesting. I’ve learned a lot from reading it and I’m not a gardener. For our meeting, Sheila brought a devotional, “Confusion of Faces,” based on Daniel 9:7 from the King James Version which uses the phrase “confusion of faces.” This is translated as “shame” in newer versions but gave new inspiration to Sheila’s wonderful piece. She did a great job in using scripture in very conversational ways so it sounds very new-believer friendly and not intimidating at all. Good job, Sheila!


News from other WOWs:


Laura Lightner from Kerrville writes: Please tell everyone hello for me. I am hopeful to get to come someday, but really need to get inspired and write for now. Blessings to you all.


Pam Perrin emailed: I will have to miss this month. My crazy life is taking over and I have so much to do. I keep vowing that one of these days I will get ahead, but it's not today. Pam has been coming to our Tuesday group and bringing her poetry. It’s so good!


Beth Smith is keeping up her blog: Read it to keep up with her.


Alice Kolb is writing on her blog, too: and I love reading about her life. Blogging is a great!


Dena Dyer has a new job at the same place, Catholic Services. Her new title is Director of Communications and Development. Congratulations, Dena!! On top of all she has to do, Dena does keep posting to her blog, too, at


Megan Willome was busy meeting her editing deadline for The Wacoan and couldn’t make the meeting but she is posting on her blog every week at


We have three November birthdays coming up: Sally Clark on Nov. 5  

                                                                     Karen Greathouse on Nov. 5

        Sheri Pattillo on Nov. 8


If you have a November birthday and I don’t know about it, please let me know!


Remember you can keep us with submission deadlines at


May all your words “fall” into place on the page!!! Love, Sally

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