The Hill Country Women of Words October meeting was a cool affair of warm words! 

The first thing we discussed was that Christian nonfiction author Jane Rubietta, whom some of us have met at The Haven in Comfort, TX, is coming to the Fredericksburg United Methodist Church in February and will conduct a session just for Christian writers on Saturday afternoon, Feb. 16, from 1:30 – 3:30. Mark your calendars now! This will be a great opportunity to ask Jane any questions you have about publishing in the Christian market for all genres.


We had two visitors at this meeting, both friends of Linda Colie’s. Becky Williams lives in Linda’s apartment complex and writes mysteries. Lynn Harris attends South Church, here in Fbg., with Linda and she writes Christian children’s stories. We hope both these ladies will visit us again.


Valerie Gaumont brought us a writing exercise: “Last night, he decided to put on a really good show...” We wrote for about 15 minutes, then went around the room and read what we had written. It’s amazing and fun how many different directions we all go! Thank you, Valerie!


Mary Eckert read us Chapter Two from her Wounded Sisters, a Christian mystery/humor novel. This chapter introduced us to Millie (who just wants to shoot him), one of the main characters and Father Mike, her confessor and protector. The story is getting better and better. I’m so glad Mary is back in the saddle and writing again!


Last month, Vickie Wray read us the introduction to one of her plays. Tonight, she brought the play for us to read. It’s so much fun to choose parts and ham it up to our hearts content! With no audience, we have no one to please but ourselves and we had a great time with “Bad Day at Black Rock.” Kitty, Sophis, Mordecai and Chi Chi bring the Old West that never was to life and laughs! Thank you, Vickie! Your plays are always delightful.


Linda Colie brought us four poems, “Carmel Skinned Backs,” about Hispanic migrant workers, “Acorns,” “Highbeams,” and “Summers Taste.” All wonderful poems, Linda. Thank you for sharing them!


Valerie Gaumont brought us Chapter Five of her novel, Shadows on the Wall. Ellie Danson has found an ally at the baked goods shop who warns her not to eat any of the food that has been provided for her, even the Tic-Tacs. Slowly, she begins to recover from the doping effects and regains bits and pieces of her memory. I wonder how Ace in the bakery is going to help her? I can’t wait for next month!!!


Sally Clark accepted an assignment from editor Teresa Lilly at Highlights of Homeschooling to write a 30 Forms of Poetry Study Pack for the book, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. I read them all to the group and thank you so much for finding my errors. I got them corrected with Teresa.


Sheila Kale was at the meeting and I’m so glad. Her comments and observations are so helpful! Sheila is trying to write a blog about coaching Christian business women, to highlight her skills and insights as a Life Coach. She talked with Valerie Gaumont about possible sites for her to research. We are invaluable to each other!


Cindy Harper is working on her book again, Shadow and Coyote, and she brought us Chapter Three. Cindy is writing this wonderful Christian novel in the present tense which gives it a different “feel” than most novels and, to my mind, puts the reader right in the room with the characters, feeling and seeing what they feel and see. Please bring us more, Cindy! We love this story.


News from the WOWs who couldn’t make the meeting:


Betty Mucha emailed: Sorry I missed tonight.  Too many other things going right now.  I haven't been writing.  Maybe next time. Thanks for letting us know, Betty.


Dena Dyer posted on her blog on 09-26-12:  I've been working on 36 devotionals-for-hire for a 2013 book from Barbour Publishing, plus speaking a few times, and meeting my monthly and bi-monthly deadlines for The High Calling. How exciting! A new book from Dena!


Do any of you remember Glenda Thompson? She is a wonderful fiction writer who visited our group once. She was in one of Lianne Mercer’s writing classes through Community Ed that I was in, too. She emailed me she has been battling major health issues. I hope she recovers and comes back!!!


Ginny Bain is still in Los Angeles helping her sister following her surgery. What a gift Ginny is giving. I’m envious.


Katy Jones has a wonderful guest blog post at: where she advocates the need for honestly and vulnerability in our writing, even fiction. She’s right. Honest emotions and circumstances reach readers where they live and keep their interest high. Thanks, Katy!


Liz Brookshire emailed: Sorry I have to miss tonight.  I have a program on Wednesday and it needs a lot more work.  I am speaking on the depression era bank closures in Fbg and finding some fascinating information.  I’ll miss being with you. I hope Liz brings this talk to us – I’ve always wondered how Fbg. faired during the depression.


Lorraine McVey is our Kansas City, MO, member and she writes: I miss the group. Have a great writer's club here and I'm loving them. I'm just too lazy to write right now. I'm enjoying just living! I will get inspired soon. I've only written three poems since I've been here...shame on me! Hope all is well with my Texas Group. Say Hi to all. You're right, Lorraine. The words are always waiting and they will come back. 


Liz Eberle is scheduled to have knee surgery at Hill Country Memorial Hospital on November 12th. Read some of her ordeal for yourself on her blog: Please keep Liz and her family in your prayers!


Megan Willome got slammed with editing and couldn’t make the meeting but Megan comes to TWiG most Tuesdays.


Pam Perrin says: Sorry I’ll miss tonight. Last volleyball practice so I'll be there next month!! Yippee!!! Pam does come to TWiG so I get to see her on Tuesdays.


Sheila Barnette says: I am going to miss again tomorrow night, and I really feel sad that I am.  However, this next 4 weeks are crammed with things to do.  The last couple of months since I got back from Ohio have just been hectic.  I am trying to get ready for Woman's Club at my house next week (40 ladies), I have a 5 day cruise out of Galveston on the 31st, and my sister coming to visit in early November, followed by planning for our community Thanksgiving feast, my annual research conference the first week in December, and the Living Nativity at our church the weekends of the 8th and 15th of December.  Also, I have a inflamed rotator cuff in my left shoulder and am having therapy 2-3 times this coming week.

Not sure when all this excitement will slow down, but I suspect it won't be until after Christmas!

I really miss all the encouragement I get from the WOW ladies, and as a result, I am neglecting my writing. I hope everyone is doing well.

Sheila, I will look forward to the new year and more of your wonderful words!


Sheri Pattillo wanted to join us but writes:  I will not be there on Monday - that is my only night next week to be home with my family.  Sure hate to miss!  Sheri comes to TWiG on Tuesdays, too. See you next month, Sheri!


We have two birthday before we meet again: Sally Clark on Nov. 5

                                                              Sheri Pattillo on Nov. 8


Remember: whatever is happening in your life, write about it!!


Love, Sally

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