The Hill Country Women of Words met at the home of Linda Colie for our September meeting. Linda's new apartment at the Towne Park complex is lovely and bright and we all felt welcomed and enjoyed! Thank you, Linda!


(I apologize for the late delivery of this newsletter – my computer crashed last week and is being repaired. I am using my mother’s, which has made things a bit more difficult for me.)


We welcomed a guest, a friend of Mary Eckert's named Melissa Feagin. Melissa's mother, Teresa Warfield, is the historical romance author of 12 fiction books, including several written for the popular Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman TV series. (check her out on Melissa is a student at Dallas Christian College but lives in Mason with her husband, Tom. She loves to do research and read a paper from her college work about prison ministry. Her work is articulate and very well researched. Please join us again, Melissa. We would love to have you!


Cindy Harper sent out a new devotional via email last week. It was wonderful! I hope you all received it but if you didn't, email Cindy at and tell her you would like to be added to her devotional list. To read to the group, Cindy brought Chapter 3 from her latest writing project, a biography of her friend, Mary Roach. This chapter highlights an incident from Mary's childhood in which a teacher lovingly validates her student's esteem. Cindy is doing a great job with this and we look forward to hearing much, much more!


Kathleen Maxwell was with us from Kerrville. She read us a piece from a book she has written called "Wake Up to Who You Are!" which was sold at her speaking engagement this past weekend in Granbury. Kathleen is an accomplished speaker and has spoken all over the world. She has a blog site, that you should check out for more of her writing or to order her book, which sells for $3.00. Thank you, Kathleen!


Linda Colie didn't have anything to share with us this evening except her home and hospitality, which were more than enough. Thank you, Linda!


Mary Eckert is back working on her book, Why Can't I Just Shoot Him? and brought us a chapter she calls "Wounded Sisters." Mary introduced us to some new characters and built up some good drama! Bring us more, Mary! Don't leave us (or Morgana at that Pastor's Wives conference) hanging!!


Pam Perrin shared a wonderful poem with us called "The Wedding Dress." Did you know that Pam's brother was in a serious car accident nine days before her wedding? As she was dressing for the event, her family did not know if her brother would live or die. Thankfully, he is alive today, but lives with serious injuries. The poem was very moving and we all loved it, Pam. Please bring us more!!


Sheila Kale was there, but didn't have anything to read. Check out her latest devotionals at


Sally Clark brought some poems she had written for some recent competitions: "The Daily Beagle," "Easter Fires," "Teacher in the Wild," "Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan," "Love Does the Hard Things," and "Weightless." Thanks to everybody for your help! I am so relieved that my talk to Abilene Writers Guild this past Thursday night went so well. I talked about poetry and they seemed pleased with what I had to offer. Whew! I'm glad that is over!


Alice Kolb won a blue ribbon at the bi-annual quilt show sponsored by her quilt guild for a beautiful quilt she made for her granddaughter. See the quilt and read about it on Alice's blog:


Barbara Loyd, our Oklahoma member, will in Kerrville on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week, for a 3-day workshop with artist Krispen Spencer at the Hill Country Arts Center. It would be so much fun to see her again, wouldn't it?


One of Dena Dyer's blog posts, "Train up a ...Rancher?" was featured on High Calling Blogs recently. Skip on over to Dena's blog right now at: to learn what worship REALLY is!!! Thank you, Dena!


Katy Jones writes: "I wish I could be there...I really miss all of you wonderful ladies. May God bless your creativity and fellowship!" Katy has been very politically and musically active lately. Catch up with her on her blog:


Liz Brookshire is on vacation with her husband, Don. Have a wonderful trip, Liz!


Liz Eberle wanted so badly to join us but her daily life of caregiving + travel had completely run her out of steam. But Liz has been writing on her new blog: Read it to see how Liz has been knitting her time together with prayer, love, and stitches.


Sheila Barnette emailed: "Once again, I won't make the meeting this evening. I had to change my flights back from Ohio, and just returned yesterday late. I am so behind on everything, I need to stay here and try to catch up. I really miss the WOW ladies and miss hearing the great stories. I devoutly hope I can come to the October meeting!!" We hope you can make it, too, Sheila. We miss you (and Curly and Wanza)!


Megan Willome's son, Scott, surprised her Monday night by announcing his school was having an open house, so she couldn't join us. Teenagers!


We have two October birthdays: Pam Perrin on October 5 and Mary Eckert on October 16th.


I heard something neat at a writers conference in SA recently: "Nothing bad ever happens to a writer - it's all just material!" So write about everything!!! And then share it with us!!!


Love, Sally

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