The Hill Country Women of Words September meeting was a wonderfully cool event! We relished in the recent rains and the delicious company. 

Valerie Gaumont wasn’t able to attend, but she emailed the writing exercise for this month: "She opened the box for me to admire and I could see it was lined with silver." We loved this exercise...several ladies wrote stories that could go on and be much more developed. If you are struggling with what to write about for the next meeting, why not give this starter a try?


Liz Brookshire read to us from a talk she has prepared to give at Windcrest and at Knopp #2 Assisted Living Centers. The title was “Feast or Famine, Weather...or not” and it was all about weather extremes throughout the years. It was so interesting! Did you know that in 1952 there was no rain in Lubbock at all? None. Local people said it broke them financially and spiritually. I imagine so. And there was a huge flood in this area in 1900 because of the hurricane that hit Galveston. We always get so out of Lizzie’s talks and she learns from the assisted living residents from their recollections and memories, which all make her essays more personal and intersting. Thank you, Lizzie!


Sally Clark brought poems: “Don’t Ask Me How,” “Crop Rotation,” “Retired,” “Pneumonia,” and “The End of Summer Garden.” Thank you all for your help in editing these poems.


Megan Willome brought poems, too, that she has written from the Wingbeats exercises. Wingbeats is a book that the TWiG group is working through and we are almost finished with it. Megan wrote “Senior Year,” “Homecoming,” and “Self Portrait as Slinky,” all wonderfully imaginative...I can see Megan as a Slinky, can’t you? Thanks, Megan!


Cindy Harper was able to join us (hooray!) and she brought Chapter 2 from the book she is working on (again) of Shadow and Coyote stories, “Hallie Meets a Kinsman”. Remember that book? The last installment we had was in March of 2011 but I remembered the characters right away and got caught up in the adventure again. Cindy, I hope you will keep working on this book and bring us more. We really enjoy it!!!


Vickie Wray is still working on her Adventures at Camp Grandma book and I’m so impressed with her diligence. Working from Sheila Kale’s advice, Vickie has written a “chapter overview” for each of her chapters that helps put each skit into a concise overview form that I think will be very helpful to her readers. She brought us a sample, “Deep in the Jungle,” from one of the skits. I think we’ll get to read the skit next month, so come and bring your acting voices!


Linda Colie had not brought anything to read but during the meeting, she wrote a fantastic story from the exercise Valerie gave us about Lillie and Wanda May, a music box, a rather large Teddy bear that lives in the attic and the nannies who disappear up there...very Twilight Zone-ish! We loved it! Thanks, Linda!


I was excited to hear from Alice Kolb: “I'm in Austin with sister through tomorrow. I don't intend to miss every month--not sure what is going on with my schedule, except I'm thinking about more than writing about!! Have a good meeting." Whenever you can make it, Alice, we'll be here.   


From Dorothy Leyendecker, our Florida member:I often think of you guys there in FBG. We are doing well here, Dick is happy as he sees his old comrades at Westinghouse or now Siemens and still does some consulting. I really appreciate you keeping me in touch with the world of writers. Our writers group here at this point is mostly interested in doing self published books. That is not my thing not at this point anyway. I have two children's books I would like to submit to a publisher (picture books) and I am starting to look around for that. Again thanks for keeping me posted, Love to all. God Bless, Dorothy” Sure wish we could see Dorothy again. Sigh.


Ginny Bain was very upset that she missed the meeting. She writes:I had to make an impromptu trip to SA and got back 1 hour before the meeting. I decided a cat nap was needed-15 min or so...  I woke up 3 hours later quite rested but upset w myself! I won't make it in Oct due to being in LA helping my sister following surgery. I will make it back eventually.” We'll be watching for you in November, Ginny. 


According to her Facebook account, congratulations are in order for Kathleen Maxwell as she is engaged to be married! Don’t know any details but I’ll pass them along if I hear anything more. Best wishes for much happiness, Kathleeen.


Kim Easley emailed: “Sally and all, I'm enjoying working with disabled adults with drama classes and other activities. One of my star students is Liz's daughter, Melinda. Between that and selling olive oil on Main Street, I have pretty full days. I will eventually return when I find a way to balance my schedule. Sounds like there have been quite a few success stories lately...congratulations to all. Kim” So glad Kim is doing this worthwhile work! I know Melinda appreciates her.


Liz Eberle has several new blog posts since last month. Check out her writings at and leave her a comment. She would love to hear from you!


Mary Eckert says: “Having car troubles. Dayna has family plans for that date so she won't be coming. Miss you all. Maybe have a new car by October meeting. Blessings to all.  Mary” Car trouble is no fun, that’s for sure. Hope to see Mary in October.


Pam Perrin wrote: “I will miss again tonight. Chey is working a little late.” Pam has been coming to the TWiG meetings and working through Wingbeats with us. Her poetry is so good!


Sheila Barnette couldn’t make it. “I am so sorry but I will have to miss again.  Guests coming in and I should probably be here for that!  I will miss seeing everyone.” We miss you, too, Sheila. Come back soon.


And of course, if Sheila Barnette and Valerie Gaumont can’t make a meeting, Betty Mucha can’t come from Johnson City because she isn’t comfortable driving at night and she rides with them, so we missed Betty, too!


Sheila Kale is still in Dallas, celebrating grandbaby number five, Isabella Jubilee Kramer. Welcome, Isabella. I bet that is a noisy household now!


Sheri Pattillo couldn’t make it but she has been coming to TWiG and writing some wonderful poems!


Along with the writing exercise for this month, Valerie Gaumont emailed: “I'm not going to be able to make it tonight.  The first wave of company just left and both Baird and I have summer colds that we are hoping to shake before the next wave of visitors arrives. (Plus I don't want to pass the cold on)” You sure don’t want to be sick when you have company. We understand!


We have three birthdays in October – Pam Perrin on Oct. 5 and Mary Eckert and Ginny Bain, both on October 16th. Isn’t it interesting that both of our mystery writers share the same birthday?


Be sure to check for a list of current submission deadlines.


The earth is cooling, the leaving will be falling soon, and the air is clear again!

Write about it!


Love, Sally

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