We had a great time at the September meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words!

Valerie Gaumont gave us our writing exercise: “A certain measure of contempt was attached to the situation...” and we were off and writing, each in a different direction, but all crossing the finish line as winners. If you are stuck and not knowing what to write about, just use one of Valerie’s story starters and you will have something to bring to the next meeting! Thank you, Valerie. We always have such a good time with your exercises.
Vici Wray brought us photos from her first Camp Grandma. She saved a big, wood-enforced cardboard box her husband had purchased a welder in and the grandkids went to work decorating the box for their first performance: Pretendercise. Sounds like so much fun, Vici! I sure hope you can get your book published somewhere. So many grandmas would make use of it.
Valerie Gaumont brought us copies of the first chapter of what is most likely a new novel that is as yet untitled. The story takes place in the future, after the Fuel Wars ended in 2038, when a covert organization called the Change is hoping to undermine the Corporation which is thought by many to be the only stabilizing force left in the world. Dave, a Corporation employee, and his girlfriend Lilly, a Change sympathizer, are set to maneuver their way through this very different world but at what cost to their relationship? Thank you, Valerie, for bringing this story. Please bring us more. I want to see what happens next!
And congratulations to Valerie – she just found out that in one month, she sold 100 e-books online! WOW! I’m impressed!
Sally Clark brought Chapter Nine, “A Corncob Christmas,” from her novella, The Art of Christmas. Thank you, everybody, for all your help! I have two more chapters to read to WOW, but this project is finished now and I’m working on the edits. It’s so hard. Every time I think I’ve edited, corrected, changed everything that I want to, I find something else I think I can make better. I’ve written a query and a synopsis and am ready to start entering this book in some contests before the end of the year. Wish me luck!!
Lynn Harris brought us a poem she had written but not titled. We called it “Blessed is the Drummer,” and it was very moving. Thank you, Lynn, for sharing this with us.
Sheila Kale is now the Area Governor for our local Toastmasters Club! Congratulations, Sheila! Her Governor duties caused her to be late for the meeting but that’s OK; we were happy to have her at any time. Sheila always has such good critique advice. We love people who come just to listen!
Linda Colie surprised us with a great idea – she took the writing exercise prompt from this month and used it to continue the story she started with the prompt last month. What a creative idea! If anybody else would like to try it, it sure could be fun to see what you might come up with. Thank you, Linda!
News from other WOWs:
Barbara Loyd writes: “Wanted to let you know that the packers start Friday the 20th in Tulsa and as soon as they finish the movers will load the truck and we will head for Fredericksburg.  We expect to be there early next week.” I’m so excited!! Barbara and Paul will be living in their old house on Driftwood and she is planning to attend the Fbg. Writers Conference on Sept. 26th. It will be so good to have her with us again!!! Barbara’s blog is: http://colorfilled.blogspot.com/
Ginny Bain sent me a short note just to say that she misses us. I told her we miss her, too, and to come to a meeting anytime she can.
Katy Jones has a new web site: http://katyhuthjones.blogspot.com/ that she is calling “Life is a Four Letter Word.” Does that surprise you? Take a look and see!
Liz Eberle has been posting on her blog: http://myprayingchairs.blogspot.com/  Catch up with her there.
Kathleen Maxwell has welcomed another new grandchild to her family. Read about the new addition and congratulate her on her blog: http://themaxwellminutes.blogspot.com/
Mary Eckert emailed: Sorry but Dayna and I will not make it tonight. She starts working on Mondays till 6pm. I really haven't done much on my story. Had grandkids all weekend. But I am trying to re-write my first chapter on Wounded Sisters. Also I have started teaching a creative writing course in the local Christian school here in Mason. It is 4-5 grade and some junior high. Not a lot of students, but having a blast doing it. They also want to put on that little Christmas play that I wrote, this year.  I will be helping with that. Blessings to all, have a great time tonight.  MaryI remember that Christmas play, Mary. We had a blast reading it. Please let us know when the performance is!
Megan Willome has been coming to TWiG and she posts regularly on her blog: http://meganwillome.com/
Pam Perrin and Sheri Pattillo are also coming to TWiG. Don’t forget to check Sheri’s blog: http://sheripattillo.com/ There’s a beautiful poem there right now.
We have two birthdays coming up in October – Pam Perrin on October 5 and
                                                                    Mary Eckert on October 16
Until then, let it rain!! Isn’t it wonderful?
Love, Sally

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