At the September meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words, we were small in number. Sigh. We miss seeing everyone and hearing your stories. 
Valerie Gaumont wasn’t there, but she sent a starter sentence: “The dry creek bed looked like the topography of an alien planet with mountains, valleys and deep dark caves for monsters to dwell.” We began to write, mostly fiction. I have sent mine to Valerie so she can post it on our group blog: . Look for it there. I hope Sheila and Barbara will send theirs to Valerie, too.
Sheila Kale was at the meeting. She had nothing to read, but we were so happy to have her help with critiques.
Barbara Loyd was there. Barbara and her husband, Paul, are auditing a creative writing class at TTU taught by Christine Granados. Barbara thought they could slip in and just attend the class, but Christine expects them to hand in assignments and get graded! So Barbara brought one of her assignments, “Tamalada Time,” that begins “Don’t you get tired of making tamalas? HEB sells tons of them every day, fresh made, for less,” and ends with “God forbid, Joseph! You’re a bad influence.” I’m sorry if you missed the story in between. It was really good!
Sally Clark brought three sets of poems that she plans to enter in upcoming poetry contests. Five poems for All We Can Hold, an anthology of motherhood poems, six for the Texas Weather Anthology, published by Lamar University Press, and four for Tiger’s Eye Press’ anthology about drought. Thanks to Barbara and Sheila for their help. I also brought a copy of StoryTeller Tymes Magazine in which I had five poems published back in 2010. I thought it was only an e-zine, but turns out it is for sale on Amazon, so I bought a copy to have. I was really impressed with the illustrations.
On August 22nd, eight WOW members attended the Texas Writes Event in Mason, TX: Sally Clark, Barbara & Paul Loyd, Beverly Naumann and her husband, Bob, Judith Rost, Karen Vanek, and Mary Eckert. We had a wonderful time and heard Carol Dawson and Carol Flake Chapman speak. These events are so worthwhile and we love that they are free to attend.
We had nine WOW members at the Fredericksburg Writers Conference meeting on Sept. 17th. Megan Willome (the speaker for the evening), Barbara Loyd, Paula Bramlett, Sheila Kale, Linda Christensen, Alice Kolb and her husband, George, Betty Murphy and Sally Clark all attended. Megan gave a wonderful presentation about writing for magazines, as she is the editor of Wacoan, a beautiful magazine published and distributed in Waco, Texas. Check out her web page at and read some of her articles. They are so well written!
If you’ve read your weekly Fbg. newspaper by now, you know that Melinda Holley won first place in the FWC writing contest. Peggy Mitchell won second place and Sally Clark won third place for my story, “A Handy Man to Have Around.” There were 15 entries. The newspaper published Melinda’s story and said that mine and Peggy’s would be available to read online, but I haven’t been able to find them yet on the newspaper’s web site. If any of y’all find my story online, would you please send me the link? If the newspaper doesn’t publish it, I can still send it out to some different sources (or contests) as “unpublished” and maybe sell/win/publish it there.
I hope you also saw the article about the Llano Library Author Extravaganza and Book Fair this Saturday, October 3rd, from 11:00 to 4:00. There will be seven WOW members selling books at the event: Sally Clark, Barbara Loyd, Alice Kolb, Valerie Gaumont, Linda Christensen, Mary Eckert and Dayna Haines. There will be published authors speaking all through the day and two writers workshops in late afternoon. I’ll be sending out more information later in the week. If you would like to ride along, you are welcome to join us.
Judith Rost emailed before the WOW meeting to say: “Sorry, won't make it tonight (to WOW) or tomorrow (to TWiG). Haven't written anything lately but hope to get started soon again on my book. Want it done by spring.”
Also, I’ve been told that Rori Crawford moved to Kerrville. I hope she will find a good writing group there to join.
If you are at a loss of what to write and where to submit something, remember you can always check my blog site: and find a complete list of open submissions and current deadlines.
Mary Eckert’s birthday is October 16th.
The days will be growing cooler, I hope. Open your windows and let some fresh air in. Maybe a few fresh ideas will come blowing in, too!
Love to all, Sally

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