Sheila Sattler Kale’s passion to live in awareness of God’s presence in our lives, every day—every moment, is at the heart of everything she does. She was the owner/manager of The Closer Walk Christian Bookstore in Fredericksburg, TX, for 27 years; is a speaker, writer, portrait artist, mother, wife, & friend.

She is motivated by the belief that the physical world reflects the spiritual and events in our lives reveal God’s working. Read her God-in-the-garden blog at: . Sheila has experienced the joys of marriage and childbirth, success in business, and deep personal friendships. She’s also known the tragedies of the death of a spouse, serious family illness, divorce, and the doubts that accompany such pain. Through the joys and through the tragedies, she has tasted the amazing goodness of God’s intimate love.

In her sharing, Sheila demonstrates how God uses our anger, failures, joys, or blessings to invite us to know Him better. She will refresh your hope and inspire deeper trust in Jesus, the lover of your soul. Your hearts can be awakened to His tenderness and you can live embraced in God’s comfort and love. Read her devotions at:

In her 27 years at The Closer Walk Christian Bookstore, Sheila hosted many women’s retreats. She’s spoken at numerous women’s groups, pastors’ luncheons, and the Healthy Body, Healthy Soul retreats sponsored by Lamb’s Tale Ministry. Her writings have been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: True LoveThe Lookout, The Word in Season, and Christian Booksellers Journal. She is a member, officer, and contest winner in Toastmasters, International. For five years she hosted a 30-minute Christian music radio program. You can hear and see sample videos of Sheila's speaking at her blog:

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