Vici Wray's professional writing experience has involved writing technical legal positions concerning tax issues. But after 23 years as a CPA and international tax specialist, she is pursuing her dream of sharing the Camp Grandma adventures with others in the form of a book, Adventures at Camp Grandma: A Show-How Book. Camp Grandma started off as one week of babysitting during the summer with her four grandchildren, whose ages were from six to nine years old. It soon developed into an annual event focused on a theme that led to a Saturday night talent show starring "The Children of the Light." Even though the kids learned songs, dances, skits, and arts and crafts needed to create costumes and stage props, the real objective was to teach them about Jesus. During those seven summers, she accumulated Camp Grandma scrapbooks featuring their wacky adventures. There are games, skits, devotions, garden projects, arts and crafts, and field trips to be shared with other grandparents, parents, home schoolers, summer camps, family reunions and churches. Vici is working to compile these scrapbooks into a book of simple instructions that can be easily applied to any family, classroom, or camp activity.

Vici and her husband Larry and a large, hairy dog live on a small ranch in the Texas Hill Country. Email her at


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